NBC is retracting a report that revealed new details in the investigation into the attack on Pelosi

NBC is retracting a report that revealed new details in the investigation into the attack on Pelosi

NBC News reported significant new details in its investigation into last week’s attack on Paul Pelosi on Friday — then promptly retracted the report as soon as those details began circulating online.

U The Today Show segment that aired Friday morning, NBC News anchor Miguel Almaguer reported that Pelosi reacted in an unusual way to the arrival of police officers after she called 911 because a deranged man in his underwear had broken into his home and was looking for his wife, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi .

“The front door was opened by Mr. Pelosi. He did not declare an emergency or attempt to leave his home, but began walking several feet back toward the attacker and away from police,” Almaguer said, citing “sources familiar with what transpired at the Pelosi residence.”

It remains unclear whether Pelosi was injured or mentally impaired when he opened the door, NBC said.

Court documents obtained from NBC reveal that when police asked the gunman, David DePape, what was going on, he “calmly greeted them” and said “everything is fine.” DePape and Pelosi then began fighting for control of the hammer, which DePape eventually used to hit Pelosi in the head, fracturing his skull.

Hours after the segment aired live on NBC, it was deleted from the The Today Show website and an editor’s note has been added to the page.

“The Home should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News’ reporting standards,” the editor’s note said.

Clerk The Today Show The Twitter account also deleted a tweet promoting the segment.

The retraction comes after several prominent social media users noticed the strange new details NBC released. Several digital outlets, including Daily mail, also consolidated the NBC reports and cast them in a conspiratorial light.

NBC did not respond when asked why the segment was pulled.

Almaguer also reported that the San Francisco police officers who responded did not know they had been called to the Speaker of the House’s home.

Pelosi returned home from the hospital Thursday after undergoing surgery for a fractured skull.

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