NEVER SAID IT BEFORE: Dani Alves explained why he admires and identifies so much with Cristiano Ronaldo

NEVER SAID IT BEFORE: Dani Alves explained why he admires and identifies so much with Cristiano Ronaldo

For some time now, Efríon Velarde, better known as the sparksharing through Youtube great discussions with his Pumas UNAM teammates.

A few days ago, it was the turn of the history Daniel Alves. And in this space, being confident, the legend who emerged in Brazil revealed that he always looked up to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Before he didn’t dare to say it publicly because there is a lot of confusion and turmoil between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. However, this is not a new feeling. He even shared that, despite the differences they came to have (generated by the media), he had the opportunity to tell CR7 himself.

The most successful player of all time identifies with the Portuguese captain in a special way because of his work ethic. Both have talent, yes, but they are not ball geniuses, they are not chosen. They came far because they never gave up, because they worked like hardly anyone wants to.

It’s definitely worth reading what Dani commented on Cristiano.

Rivals? Alone in the field.

Off the field, there is only admiration and respect.


“In particular, I like Cristiano. Now that we are no longer in Barça vs Madrid, because it always seems that you cannot speak, now that I am no longer here, I can speak. Cristiano is an example for all of us, that we don’t have so much quality, that with hard work you can also compete with the best. He set an example of that. I respect him a lot, even when I was playing against him. I I had the opportunity to tell him.”

“It got to a point where I tried to greet him and he didn’t greet me, which caused controversy once. In a Ballon d’Or, we brawled there, he didn’t greet me, but because of what was happening outside. What if he didn’t respect Cristiano, what if the other… How can you not respect a guy who did everything based on the work, throwing balls at him? I identify with him. Everything I’ve done in my life was based on that.

“If you had to make a comparison, me, as a player, I’m closer to Cristiano than to Leo. I say it’s one more identification with Cristiano because of work. That’s what I have all my life: working to be able to accomplish, to get where I am. It wasn’t pure talent. It was a percentage of talent, but the most important thing was the work. And that’s what Cristiano does. He has talent, yes he has talent. But his work is what makes him compete with Messi and anyone else. How can you not respect him? But, of course, at Barca and at Real Madrid, this sensitivity is generated”.

Undefeated data. Dani Alves and Cristiano Ronaldo have met 30 times. The balance favored the Brazilian, although he also suffered some very painful setbacks against CR7, such as in that 2011 Copa del Rey final and the 2017 UEFA Champions League final.

Did you know that…? Dani Alves has recognized Cristiano Ronaldo for years as the toughest rival he has faced in his professional career.

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