NFL cheerleader fired after leaking photos of her OnlyFans

NFL cheerleader fired after leaking photos of her OnlyFans

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Kristin Elise was an NFL cheerleader and wore the colors of the Indianapolis Colts for more than five years, but her adventure ended controversially, as she was fired over email.

Elise was fired as a cheerleader from the NFL after the Colts they found out he had an OnlyFans accountafter some photos that leaked on the Reddit site.

“I started putting my model photos on OnlyFans when it launched in 2016. Having done nude photo shoots for over five yearsthe the organization sent me an e-mail informing me that I had been excluded from the cheering team. I was heartbroken,” Kristin wrote on her social media..

Elise, 28 -like many sports personalities- decided to venture into OnlyFans to increase his incomes, because the subscription to its content has a cost close to 20 dollars per month.

However, his dismissal as an NFL cheerleader benefited him, since the model has increased her popularity on her social networkswhile on the OnlyFans platform, it is one of the most popular accounts.

On Instagram, Kristin has over 161,000 followers, however has a secondary narrative with more sensual-toned imagery, which she defines as “funny things”who already has more than 4,000 followers.


the brazilian Key Alves is currently the volleyball player with the most followers on Instagramhas 2.3 million followers, but in recent days he has become more popular for sharing that he is on the famous OnlyFans platform with adult content, where he earns more money than in his own sport.

The Osasco Volleyball Clube libero confessed that from a young age she always wanted to be a famous person, although the most important thing for her was volleyball.

“From an early age, I always told my parents that I would be known all over the world. It wasn’t just a pretty face, it wasn’t just my volleyball skills. I’m very charismatic with my fans, I give them my full attention. And I’ve always loved that, showing up, taking pictures, working with marketing. So I think that’s also the secret to reaching the level that I’ve reached today today,” he said in an interview for Globoesporte.


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