NFL heroes and their famous couples

NFL heroes and their famous couples

Last week, the latest edition of the NFL Finals began. It will be from now until Sunday, February 12, 2023, with Super Bowl LVII, that American football lovers will be able to enjoy week after week of the last season of 2022.

In addition to the games, we will be able to delight the student with several of the players, since many of them are gorgeous and have tempting bodies. It was this attraction that allowed many of them to interact with impressive beauties, including models, actresses or singers.

This week, we’re dedicating the column to some of the greats of American football who have been linked to fellow celebrity, both in marriage and in courtship, forming beautiful couples that make us sigh.

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

When we talk about couples between American footballers with another celebrity, it is imperative to start the countdown with Tom Brady and the Brazilian Gisele Bündchen.

They met in 2006, when they were both asked on a blind date by a mutual friend. At that time, he was in a relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan and both went on with their lives.

Months later, Tom ended their relationship and started dating Gisele. Everything was going well, until Bridget announced that she was expecting a child with Brady. Despite the news, the couple stayed together. In 2009 Tom gave the ring to Bündchen and the same year they got married.

The couple have two children: Benjamin, born in 2009, and Vivian, in 2012, close to their older brother John Edward Thomas.

Recently, it was announced that apparently they are separated and both are going through a marital crisis.

Nnamdi Asomugha – Kerry Washington

She is known for being one of Hollywood’s most popular African-American actresses and he for, now, being a former football player, who played on major NFL teams including the Bears, Raiders and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Although both are public figures, they try to keep their private lives out of the spotlight with great success. We know, because she confirmed it, that they met during a play which he attended at the premiere. After years of dating, they made their engagement official with a simple ceremony in Idaho.

Together they have two children in common, plus one of his eldest daughters, who had a previous relationship. She, like Gisele, views her stepdaughter as one more member of the family, even referring to her as one more daughter.

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson

They met in 2010 and since then Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson have been one big family. They met when a mutual friend invited Eric to Jessica’s house, where a party was being held. He told People magazine that he fell in love immediately and when he met Jessica he knew he would marry her.

After four years of dating, they finally got engaged and walked down the aisle in 2014. Although, the kids came first. Maxwell, in 2012, and Ace, in 2013, who also participated in the ceremony. That was until 2019, when they welcomed their third and final daughter, Birdie Mae. Eric, for his part, has always been dedicated to the sport.

He started his career playing at Yale, before joining the San Francisco team and finally the New Orleans Saints.

Now retired, in 2020 he launched his own wellness company Legendary Disciplines.

Russell Wilson and Ciara

Ciara rose to prominence amidst the show as a singer and actress, in addition to venturing as a dancer and model. He, for his part, played as an NFL player. The two met in 2015, when they both went their separate ways to a basketball game in Wisconsin.

That same night, he asked her out and they enjoyed dinner, as he recalled on a show he shared with Ciara just after the pandemic hit in 2020.

The following year, they got engaged and walked down the aisle in 2017. Together, they share two children, plus her eldest son, who she had from a previous relationship and Russell has practically “adopted”, since he took care of the youngest when his relationship with the R&B singer began.

He was married to Ashton Meem from 2012 to 2014. He currently plays quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Jordan Cameron and Erin Heatherton

Although they no longer walk, Jordan Cameron and Erin Heatherton formed one of the most sought-after couples in showbiz at the time. She was, at the time, a Victoria’s Secret angel, she was at the top of her game. He served as a tight end for the Miami Dolphins.

Their relationship was really very fleeting, as they lasted about a year. She then had an affair with Felix Bloxsom. It is until 2022 that he announces his engagement with the businessman Karol Kocemba.

Jordan currently plays defensive end for the New Orleans Saints.

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