NFL Odds and Betting for Week 2 – Season 2022

NFL Odds and Betting for Week 2 – Season 2022

Week 1 is over and we’ve seen quite a few crazy things in terms of unexpected results and performance; which is normal at the start of the season. Now let’s get to what Week 2 looks like in NFL odds and betting. We see a lot of pretty high lines for the start of the season, but just as teams make their adjustments after week one and the books do their homework.

Here are the NFL odds for week 2 of the 2022 NFL season:

Here I share some suggestions in case you want to advance your bets before Sunday.

Buccaneers (-3) vs Saints (+3)

T: 44

That total opened at 48 and dropped to 44, which shows a lot of the crowd in favor of under betting, and that makes sense: Tampa Bay’s offense wasn’t great last week and the Chris Godwin’s injury will certainly affect them.

My suggestion: stay away from this game, the under is hesitant but it’s very low: on one side we have Tom Brady who is able to explode and give a great game at all times and on the other we have Jameis Winston who we know is a bullet-delivering machine.

Cowboys (+8) vs. Bengals (-8)

The situation in Dallas is a mess right now, Dak Prescott’s injury and the general uncertainty surrounding this offense is getting worse. Joe Burrow had a terrible game against Pittsburgh, but he improved his performance in the second half. I’m sure for this game he will be more than ready.

My suggestion: If you’re thinking of betting on the Bengals, do it now: I don’t see any money coming in for Dallas in any way, that line will definitely keep going up.

Very good luck! Don’t forget we’ll see you every Wednesday at 5.30pm on Winning Bet on our YouTube channel for more picks and in-depth betting.

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