NFL: The 2022-23 NFL, a fight against the ‘father time’

NFL: The 2022-23 NFL, a fight against the ‘father time’

No time for the hangover. The one that starts from the farewell and the return. The one with the title with spending by flag. That of the “insolent” young people – in the best sense of the term – to overthrow the “old guard”. Another National Football League season begins, not sure if the last one is over. In a duel worthy of the SuperBowl and faithful to the tradition (follow the money trail) of the league, the Los Angeles Rams – defending champions – face the Buffalo Bills – the team most appreciated by the experts – the evening of the kickoff. ‘mail. Departures.

The lights, camera and action of the 2022-23 NFL was going to be about learning to live without the best of all, Tom Brady. And that ends up seeing Tom again. The Bucs’ ’12’ hasn’t retired as we all know, and is looking for another ring more. “That time (to retire) will come. But it’s not now,” he said. Thus, he leads a high-flying offense with recently acquired Julio Jones. Two veterans… Fighting ‘against the times of the fathers’.

Tom Brady returns

Time is what marks the new NFL. And, of course, also those who defend the crown: the Rams. After their colossal initial investment, they are looking to do it again with more arguments than ever. Better running game and even defense -without Von Miller-. With the ‘gur’ McVay on the intercoms. Time tells them that rehearsing is now. And it will be a party for a team full of luxury, defense and new style.

Time is precisely what young people have left. Those who do not ask for passage, but make their way. The NFL’s “reach” is becoming more and more important and they will be looking to take the next step. The runners-up, the Bengals, with a recently operated Joey Burrow and no signs of pain. Accompanied by an illusion attack for its aerial domain and in the ‘redzone’. The next step is complicatedbecause to stay is to win the division and to go up… A title.

Or what Justin Jefferson and his Vikings demand. Or the ‘Niners’, who have a spectacular team dependent on a Trey Lance without contrast or veteran. His challenge is to tame the veterans, who never back down in competition as fierce as the NFL. This is the case of MVP Rodgers Packers. Yes, they ran into a wall they don’t know. That of managing the loss of Davante Adams, who laid the foundations for the interesting and competitive project of the Raiders.


So… Who’s the favourite? The NFL panel of experts points the finger at the Buffalo Bills. And they are the ones to mention, because no one has worked their team like that. Contrasting and competitive, as in all post-seasons. They are encouraged by an MVP candidate worthy of Josh Allen, a career game that Singletary continues to contribute to, Stefon Diggs, in stellar mode to receive and a defense in which Edmunds and Milano are already contrasting and their level is elite in the game. .league. Almost nothing.

Or the bosses. From Kansas City, they even point out that the league “disrespected” them by not including them in the main accounts, and that could be a big mistake. Their attack should level up since they lost Tyreek Hill is heading to Miami, and the offensive line has been his biggest problem in recent seasons: Protecting Mahomes and his genius is key. to throw them ? Never.

The NFL is fighting against time. Some to come back, some to arrive on time, or some to be. It’s the mix of sensations of a new season. From the Rams-Bills ‘KickOff’ to the Grand Finals to distribute a new Lombardi. The issue is now or never…

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