NFL: They even touched the helmets! Fight between Rams and Bengals | Video

NFL: They even touched the helmets! Fight between Rams and Bengals | Video

The training session, which is part of the 2022-23 NFL Pre-SeasonBetween Los Angeles Ramscurrent champions and Cincinnati Bengalssecond, came to an abrupt end after a pitched fight between the two teamsaccording to information reported by Mark.

During the fight, the Rams’ star defensive back, Aaron Donald, brandishing a helmet aggressively towards players of those in Ohio until he was shot.

The situation began to turn aggressive during the second half of training, when La’el CollinsBengals offensive lineman blocked Donald on a game, situation which didn’t seem to sit well with the 31-year-old. On the next move, the same Collins blocked Leonard Floyd’s support, ripping off his helmet and taking it apart.

It was not the first time that day that Collins was involved in a fight, according to what was published in Mark.

The Bengals and the Rams contested the Super Bowl passed in the Los Angeles SoFi Stadiumwhere the inhabitants took the Victoria 20-23 in a game that left Cincinnati with bad feelings.

According to statements retrieved by Markafter the fight, Zac Taylorhead coach of the Rayados, commented the following:

Emotions are strong. We worked together for two days and they are very competitive players.

At present, the The NFL has not commented on what happenedbut the situation where Donald uses a helmet to attack another player is strongly reminiscent of the events between Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph in 2019when the first hit the Steelers quarterback with his own helmetaction that costs six-game suspension.

(With information from Mark)

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