NFL Week 3 Betting Tips – 2022 Season

NFL Week 3 Betting Tips – 2022 Season

Want to bet on the NFL? We bring you the information you need. Any questions or comments can be left below the post or on Twitter at @AndresOrnelasH. I leave you my NFL 2022 predictions for week 3. Let’s get started!

Remember that the lines are calculated on the day the article is published. If you can’t find a line for one or more games, we’ll try to update on Friday or Saturday, depending on what information is available.

Last week we had spread 9-7, highs/lows 10-6, Top 5: 6-1, good set, bad teaser, good surprise.

Cumulative record so far:

  • Spread: 17-15
  • UP DOWN : 17-15
  • TOP 5: 6-5
  • Set of the week: 1-1
  • Surprise of the week: 1-1
  • Great Teaser: 0-2

Glossary and notes:

  • ATS: against the spread (or the odds)
  • YPP: yards per game
  • PPP: points per game
  • NYPP: Net Yards Per Play (Offensive Yards per play minus Defensive Yards per play) / This stat takes the “chance” of turnovers
  • Games starting with an asterisk
  • they are the ones that count for the Top 5 section and more data is given in the section of the same name For the purposes of this article, the team that bold

it is the one that covers the spread and therefore the side that I predict to win the bet, no matter if it wins or loses on the scoreboard.

Here are my NFL Week 2 – Season 2022 betting tips.

weekly forecast

Thursday September 22

Pittsburgh Steelers (+4.5, 38) @ Cleveland Browns Again: Too many points for the Steelers as an underdog in a division game they normally dominate. It’s clear to me that the value is with the Steelers, who are the No. 8 defense at DVOA. The dogs

Visitors tend to fare poorly against the spread in TNF (mostly due to the long trip and fewer days to prepare), but remember this is a division game where the Steelers don’t have to travel very far. Additionally, the Steelers rushing defense is 10th in opponent rushing yards. Provide:Steelers 17 Browns 20.

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