Nick Kyrgios: ‘Few people show a better level than me’

Nick Kyrgios: ‘Few people show a better level than me’

Nick Kyrgios is for the first time in the second week of competition of the U.S. Open thanks to his three victories against Kokkinakis, Bonzi and Wolf. A placid course for the Australian, seeded in this fourth Grand Slam of the season, even if it seems that his luck has already run out. At least when it comes to matches. After his last celebration, the painting will reunite him next Sunday with Daniel Medvedev, the world number one. Of course, listening to the Canberra tennis player, he is not particularly worried either.

triumph of the wolf

“I must have come out very excited from the start, I knew his way of playing and the incredible months he had. His energy is contagious, I knew my audience was going to start vibrating with his game, he makes everything very exciting. He serves big, he takes a lot of risks, he doesn’t play with a lot of margin, which the crowd loves. I’m very happy with the way the game went, the way I did to win in straight sets, I was able to dominate him for two hours of play. At this stage of the tournament, what you want is to arrive as fresh as possible, otherwise everything becomes more difficult”.

His indomitable character

“Sometimes I act stupid at times, I just think of something and I do it. Before, I was extremely hard on myself, until you looked at the dashboard and realized that “There’s no reason to be angry. Today I was better, I looked a lot more consistent than in the second round, that’s something I tried to work on. I didn’t want to have the ups and downs like a rollercoaster, I wanted to enjoy the way I play with my team, which is amazing. We’ve all been away from home for a long time, we missed our families and our home, so I want to make it all worth it and make the most of it before I come back. I’ve never been to the fourth round of the US Open, so we should celebrate.”

Featured match against Medvedev

“As an athlete you want to be in times like this much better than playing Futures and Challengers with no one in the stands. That’s why I continue to train, for the moment I still take the racket. I want to go out in the biggest stadiums in the world in front of millions of people, that’s where I want to be, that’s why I work hard, that’s what makes everything more enjoyable. I know a lot of people don’t want me to succeed, they hate my game and the way I do things, but again I’m the last Aussie in the draw again, same story every Grand Slam. It’s something I wear, but I want to be there on that screen that everyone is watching.”

Evolution of your tennis

“I don’t have a coach, so I invested in my game myself. Three things I worked hard on were: getting in shape, doing a lot of my second serve and training my return a lot. right hit. If you train these things for 10 minutes a day, it turns into hours in the end. Playing a lot of doubles with Thanasi helped me come back better, which translated into singles success. Now I want more stuff, I plan to break my rival’s serve more times. I think realizing that you could win games without breaking your opponent’s serve made me a bit lazy at the start of my career, now I want to put that pressure on my opponents. I’m proud to have forced myself, that’s how I analyzed my game, cashed the results without a coach. The numbers don’t lie, I’m happy with that.”

live away from home

“It’s hard to take your mind off things when you’re on the road, but I’m at the US Open and the reality is I’m one of the favorites, so hopefully I’ll do well and keep going. Obviously I have an eye on everything that happens at home, only Australians will understand what I mean, it’s impossible not to take care of this every week. I try not to think about it too much, not talk about it too much, because it makes me a little sad. I really appreciate the little things that happen at home, I don’t like to miss those moments, especially when they are as important as the birthday of a mother who is not in good health and who often goes to the hospital.

No fear of number 1

“My level is there, I think there are only a few players at the moment who are showing a better level than me, maybe the same. If I have to lose against Medvedev now, I will have no shame in lose against such an opponent, even though I think a lot about my game plan and the success I already had against him in Montreal. I feel like I have a chance to fight for victory, few players can say that before they face Medvedev at the US Open. Not everyone would jump across the court thinking he’s going to win.”

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