Nick Kyrgios: ‘One of the most uncomfortable games of my career’

Nick Kyrgios: ‘One of the most uncomfortable games of my career’

It was one of the most concentrated matches of this first day of US Open 2022 and that’s why they put him in Arthur Ashe after meeting Serena Williams. However, Nick Kyrgios he took care not to give too many wings to his friend Thanasi Kokkinakis, defeating him in three sets and advancing to the second round without mercy for his partner. A few minutes later, surrounded by tournament journalists, the Canberra player explained what it means to play in a duel like this in front of someone so dear to him.

win a friend

“It was one of the most uncomfortable games I’ve played in my career. We both had a game plan, we know each other very well, from the start we tried to lock in and play with the ball. I played amazing in the first two sets from the baseline, I tried to move him as much as possible, not dictate. When the ball is on his racket, he dictates the game very well, he’s one of the best in that area, so I didn’t want to be at his mercy. I served very well, with a very high percentage”.

much more than tennis

“There are two or three players I will probably keep in touch with after tennis, until I die to be honest. Thanasi is one of them. It was very difficult because I felt that I had a good opportunity here, I see it because of his body, the physical shape he has right now, I really thought he had options to move forward if he got a good draw. When I saw our game it was a bit unfortunate because I also feel like I had a good chance, it was a mix of emotions Professionally I handled it pretty well, in the first two sets I was impeccable, but it was never easy”.

Play after Serena

“Knowing the order of play three days before helped me a lot, I had time to concentrate, to know who you are playing with. When I saw Serena’s match scheduled, I knew it was going to be one of the biggest matches of her career, so it was a very special opportunity. Playing against one of my best friends, after Serena’s eventual last game, with record attendance, is crazy. An evening that I will never forget, my 200th victory on tour. I loved playing after Serena, the audience was amazing, the atmosphere electric and a lot of fun.

Last tournament before heading home

“I’m exhausted, 99% of people don’t understand what it means to be on tour for so long, even though I don’t even travel as much as the rest of Australians, there are some who have been 5-6 months without It’s brutal, their babies are born, their mother is sick or their father is unwell, but we have to keep traveling, as Australians we have no other choice. , I’m exhausted, but I have no choice but to wake up and look for my best version, so I’m not complaining, I’m just saying it’s hard, people don’t understand what I’m going through, so I’m proud of my performance.”

Kokkinakis, your great ally

“I just congratulated him. Our lockers are next in the locker room, so I walked up to him and said, ‘That’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever felt on a tennis court.’ It wasn’t easy, it’s impossible, we shared so many moments together on the tennis court, also in doubles. It’s the respect we have between us, we spent a lot of things together when I was in my fight. He always supported, he always cared. He saw me grow and I saw him grow. I saw him overcome all these wounds, so to see him play on the biggest ground in the world now makes me proud. We have a lot of respect for each other and that’s why it was so uncomfortable, I don’t want to go through that again, honestly.”

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