No agreement to prevent races from finishing under safety car

No agreement to prevent races from finishing under safety car

Teams fear entertainment will come before sport

They can’t find a solution that satisfies everyone

The teams have not agreed on a plan to prevent the races from finishing under a safety car. The debate was brought back to the table at the Formula 1 summit on Monday.

The end of the Monza race after the safety car left a sour taste for many fans, who wanted to see a lap or two of action after Daniel Ricciardo retired.

Team leaders like Christian Horner were against endings like this. However, Andreas Seidl, the boss of McLaren, recalls that this question has already been raised after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and that the teams have not found a solution.

“After what happened last year in Abu Dhabi, there has been a lot of discussion between the FIA, Formula 1 and all the teams involved to see how the rules could be changed to ensure that the races do not go never end up behind the safety car,” Seidl commented in statements to British magazine Autosport.

“But even though the FIA ​​and Formula 1 put pressure on all of us to find solutions, it was up to us the teams and we could not agree on such a good solution in terms of sporting result. For it, I guess we just have to accept that unfortunately situations like Monza can happen“added the McLaren boss.

Seidl says the FIA ​​and F1 worked hard to find a way to change the rules, but the teams were too concerned that show took priority over sport.

“We just want a solution that’s also sportingly fair and doesn’t suddenly find itself in danger. That’s why we couldn’t agree on anything better than what we have now“, Seidl expressed to close.

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