‘Notting Hill in the Red’

‘Notting Hill in the Red’

“It kills me,” Federer said, through tears, after losing the Australian Open final to Nadal in 2009. It didn’t kill him, but this rivalry made them both more stronger and more human, especially the Swiss, in his time. a colder and more distant point. Losing humanizes and recovering from a defeat redoubles the transcendence of one who recovers. Federer transcended many years ago with his delicate, technical and delicious tennis and his many victories. An elegant game that lifted spectators from the seats of admiration. Nadal was and is pure everyday passion. Seeing Federer was like putting on a Sunday suit.

The Swiss leaves professional tennis calm and grateful and surrounded by the greatest rivals of his time, such as Nadal himself, Djokovic and Murray. In recent days they have had dinner together, they have shared clothes, street, sport and etiquette, and a thousand and one battles have been explained. They did it in London, a garden city for Federer for hosting the All England Wimbledon Club.

In London

His goodbye was touching. Kind of like a West End musical or like a romantic comedy

A first-class venue in every way that served as a symbiosis for the Basel match. Watching him enter the grass was like watching a dancer enter the ground. The closest thing to royalty inside a palace.

Although Roger really remained calm, it was in 2009 that he won his only Roland Garros, with which he finished the Grand Slam. “I lost a lot of weight,” he confessed in Paris after winning a tournament he thought was cursed.

His goodbye, in the spotlight of a competition he sponsored as the Rod Laver Cup, was emotional and monumental. Kind of like a West End musical or romantic comedy along the way. Notting Hill. A stellar step to take stock of his career. Rebel (and racquet breaker) as a young Federer leaves as an example to follow. A man who wanted to win more than anyone, who is one of the best tennis players and athletes of all time and who has no enemies on the court. Opponents, yes. And go ahead. They were all with him.

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