Obama to Arizona heckler: ‘Set up your own rally’

Obama to Arizona heckler: ‘Set up your own rally’

Former President Obama told a campaign heckler in Phoenix on Wednesday that he was “starting his rally” after the individual yelled and interrupted his speech.

Obama was discussing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on American lives when a heckler shouted something and stopped the former president mid-speech.

“Are you going to start yelling?” Obama asked before the crowd started booing. “Don’t start yelling.”

It’s unclear who the heckler was or what he was upset about, but Obama channeled the incident into a discussion about civility.

“You have to be kind and polite when people are talking,” Obama said. “Then you’ll get a chance to talk. Set up your own pool. Come on, man.”

When the crowd finally quieted down, Obama told the crowd that the interruption was an example of “what’s going on in politics these days.”

“We’re getting in the way,” he said. “You have one person yelling and pretty soon everyone’s yelling, you get one tweet that’s stupid and suddenly everyone’s obsessed with that tweet. We can’t fall for that.”

Obama campaigned for Arizona Democrats in high-profile competitive races, including gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs and Sen. Mark Kelly.

During his speech, he warned of the growing threat of political violence and urged Arizonans to head to the ballot box for the midterm elections to preserve democracy, which he said was threatened by recent events.

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