Oklahoma City man charged with intentionally spreading HIV after being diagnosed in 2019

Oklahoma City man charged with intentionally spreading HIV after being diagnosed in 2019

U Oklahoma Citythe man was arrested and charged with willful dissemination HIV virus. He allegedly infected at least three women.

The alleged perpetrator is 30-year-old Ernest Lacour, and according to records obtained by authorities in OKC, Lacour was diagnosed virus in 2019

One of his victims, who chose to remain anonymous, spoke to OKC Lisica 25 and says that although she is hiding her identity, she wants to speak out in hopes of warning others.

“It’s a deadly disease, but you can still live your life. I don’t have any AIDS and I still have a life to live,” said the victim.

According to the victim, she began a sexual relationship with Lacour in 2021. She said that she started to feel sick, dizzy, and sometimes she would faint. Then she decided to call her doctor.

“I would just pass out and pass out,” she explained. “I would be so dizzy that I would have these episodes and throw up for weeks,” she added.

Then the victim learned the diagnosis that changed her life. Police became involved when evidence emerged showing Lacour was aware of his status at the time he and the victim were intimate.

The victim took to social media to spread awareness about Lacour, prompting other women to come forward with their stories.

According to another of Lacour’s alleged victims, she went to the doctor with Lacour and found out he was HIV positive when he got his medication that day without having to have a blood test.

Lacour is charged with three felony counts of knowingly engaging in conduct to transmit HIV.

His victim says the diagnosis affected her mental state.

“Mentally, it’s hard to deal with this. I’m crying. There are programs they tell me about with drugs and treatments,” she said.

She also claimed that there could be other women at risk and that people should get tested immediately.

“I just want to tell everyone that they need to get tested and be careful. You never know who someone really is,” she said.

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