Olympic swimmer Linda Cerruti responds to ‘sexist’ comments on her photo with medals

Olympic swimmer Linda Cerruti responds to ‘sexist’ comments on her photo with medals

Italian Linda Cerruti performs during the women’s technical solo in Budapest. (Photo: REUTERS/Lisa Leutner)

Olympic swimmer Linda Cerruti Responded to “sexist” comments in a photo where he poses head first with his European swimming medals.

The picture in question published by the Italian swimmer last weekshowed her posing in an acrobatic pose head with the eight medals he won at the Rome Championships.

The Publishwhich has received tens of thousands of interactions and many messages of supportshow the medals slung over Cerruti’s legs while doing the Split.

However, two days after sharing the photo, the swimmer posted a follow-up message explaining that received thousands of “sexist” and “vulgar” comments below the picture.

“Two days ago I shared a photo taken on the beach I always go to, where I developed my first dreams, a place that has great symbolic value for me,” he wrote. “The photo shows me in an artistic pose, typical of my sportface down and doing the Split as well as the eight medals I won in the best European championship of my career”.

“I’m really surprised and disgusted by the hundreds, if not thousands, of inappropriate comments and sexist and by the vulgar people who are responsible for it,” he added. “After more than 20 years of training and sacrifice, I find that embarrassing to say the least. and it’s heartbreaking to read hordes of people making jokes that sexualize my body”.

Cerruti said the only thing he could do was “report the inappropriateness of these commentswhich reflect a society that is still very masculine and different from the one I would like to see born and raise my children one day.

Shortly after posting your message, the swimmer received an avalanche of new support of his supporters.

Many Italians also said that they were proud of Cerruti for representing Italy in international championships.

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