Once a GOP stalwart, Liz Cheney is going after the Democrats

Once a GOP stalwart, Liz Cheney is going after the Democrats

“For vulnerable Democrats in really close races, many of those voters are college-educated voters who appreciate the independence of the candidate, and there’s the added endorsement of Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger saying, ‘Hey, this Republican challenger is beyond her. ” said Sarah Longwell, a Republican pollster who helped found it Republican Accountability Project.

Republicans aren’t so sure about that. Mrs. Cheney, in particular, has become such a lightning rod with the Republican base that Republican campaign aides said her presence in Michigan would do more to encourage Trump voters to turn out for the Republican in the race, state Sen. Tom Barrett, than to persuade undecided voters to side with Ms. Slotkin.

Ms. Cheney’s presence in central Michigan infuriated Mr. Barrett. On Monday, he called tthe woman who crushed Mrs. Cheney in the Wyoming Republican primary August, Harriet Hageman, on a conference call with the media. Mr. Barrett’s goal was to frame Ms. Cheney’s visit not around rejecting the election, Jan. 6 and the fate of democracy, but around his military service and the role that Ms. Cheney and her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, played in promoting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. .

“The Cheney family never saw a war that they wouldn’t send other people’s children to fight,” Mr. Barrett said.

Mr. Barrett, a military helicopter pilot with 21 years of service, has not made election denial the centerpiece of his campaign, nor is Mr. Trump endorsing him. But he has questioned the outcome of the 2020 election, was among a handful of state lawmakers who met with Mr. Trump to discuss options for disqualifying Michigan voters instead of Mr. Biden — and still maintains that the integrity of Michigan’s elections is “an unknowable matter .”

By choosing Ms. Hageman as his surrogate, he gave the microphone to a woman who has continually propagated the lie that the election was stolen.

She initially accused the press of “beating this drum pretty much non-stop since 2020” to “distract from the failures of this administration”, before raising questions about Mark “Zuckerberg’s money” and allegations that the Facebook founder has been silent news about President Biden’s son. , Hunter Biden to ensure Mr. Biden’s victory.

“It’s legitimate to ask questions about what happened,” she said.

On Tuesday, before Ms. Cheney’s arrival, Barrett’s campaign assembled its own team of supporters, including former Rep. Pete Hoekstra of western Michigan, Rep. Jack Bergman of the state’s Upper Peninsula and state Rep. Bob Bezotte — none with the star power of Ms. Cheney.

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