“One car per lap”: Max Verstappen surprised by the performance of the RB18 in Belgium

“One car per lap”: Max Verstappen surprised by the performance of the RB18 in Belgium

Max Verstappen He came back in an incredible way at the Belgian Grand Prix. The Dutchman was forced to penalize, due to exceeding the limit of power unit changes authorized by the FIA. In this way he started from P14 and in a few laps he reached the first position. The current world champion flew over the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and is on the way to winning his second title. After the fourteenth race of the season, the RBR driver was surprised by the power of his car.

Red Bull and Max Verstappen They came back from the summer break with all their might. Far from taking it easy, because of the great advantage they have in both championships, the Dutchman and his team wowed everyone at Spa. In this sense and with a speed never seen in the season, the current world champion He explained to the press that it was good to drive the RB18 on the Belgian track, but it was difficult not to be involved in incidents on the first lap. However, after the safety car, Verstappen made sure to pass one car on every lap.

It took Verstappen just 12 laps to go from P14 to P1.

“The cars have been amazing since P1, I don’t think we expected it to be like that, but sometimes it’s good when things surprise you in a positive way. It was nice to drive the car here this year. We knew we were in trouble for the race when you started 14th, but we didn’t have a problem on the first lap, which wasn’t easy. Once everything was sorted out with the safety car, I was literally passing a car every lap.assured Max Verstappen after the race in Belgium.

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