Optimism at Honda with Marquez

Optimism at Honda with Marquez

The bells haven’t been rung through Honda’s ranks yet, but it’s clear that they’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel they find themselves in, that of the worst season in their history so far in MotoGP. The reason is that they feel closer and closer the return of their champion, their flagship, the man of miracles, of a Marc Márquez who tried again yesterday on the back of a street bike on the Alcañiz circuit and who sent good vibes to his team, already present at the paddock by Marco Simoncelli.

This weekend the San Marino GP is taking place here, which in the golden wing they hope it will be the last without the eight-time world champion in the Repsol Honda box. AS had the opportunity to speak briefly with Albert Puig, that he was busy going from meeting to meeting, but when asked for a sentence that would sum up the impressions Márquez conveyed to him after his essay yesterday, he said after thinking about it: “I can only tell you that Marc told me he was happy. This is the final sentence”. And he left with a smile, hoping that these days they can officially communicate that the man from Lleida will reappear on the handlebars of his Honda in the transcendental tests on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in Misano.

For the race, even as a spectator, he is not expected, because he is having a terrible time, as some members of his team comment, and because he loses hours of rehabilitation. The former student of Alzamora and whom Jaime Martínez already represents got off the bike after the Mugello race, on May 29, and from there he traveled to the United States to undergo a fourth surgery at the humerus of his right arm. They told him the problem was that the bone was rotated 33% from its normal position and he had to stop to place it correctly. From the said and the fact, to then give way to a slow recovery of which Marc shortened the deadlines by two months.

The doctor charter of angels He assured AS in the same Mugello that an operation of these characteristics would require five to six months of stoppage, but that the pilot had already told his team that his intention was to return in three months, precisely to be present in this pre-season event on 6 and 7 September. Marc knows better than anyone that this year’s Honda, on which he hadn’t worked as hard as he wanted, is not good and that the repeat next week is essential to be able to count on the year. next with a more decent weapon with which to fight against his rivals. Even so, let no one rule out seeing him again this year in the remaining races to fight for the podium, and even to win victories, because with his damaged arm he was already able to win three races last year. A madness considering what we saw later. Another thing will be to see if, once back, the #93 will be able to face all the remaining races, because after Alcañiz, where its long-awaited return should take place, there will be a hype of four races in five weeks: Japan, Thailand, Rest, Australia and Malaysia. Everything will be much more bearable and interesting with Márquez back on the asphalt, that’s for sure.

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