Paola Longoria and the Racquetball Federation are in debt; If they are not corrected, the case will be taken to court.

Paola Longoria and the Racquetball Federation are in debt; If they are not corrected, the case will be taken to court.

Ana Gabriela Guevaraowner of National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (know), claimed that the athlete Paula Longoria like the Mexican Racquetball Federation They have debts from fiscal years of previous years, which is why they have not received support from the federal government for various events.

In interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga for your space Radio formula, Guevara Espinoza specified that if these debts are not regularized, they will be prosecuted before the corresponding authority by order of the Public Service Secretary (SFP).

“Both (have debts). The Federation owes an amount of 432 thousand pesos and Paola owes an amount of one million 665 thousand 810 pesos. The amount that Paola owes dates from the 2015-2018 financial year and the case of the amount of the Federation comes from recent events that took place and that she could not verify, in the same way that the Federation does not is not in order in the institution,” said

“It is not a personal decision, it is done on a mandate from the civil service and the political coordination council (…) If you cannot make it transparent and prove that you have handed over the documents with acknowledgment of receipt , so unfortunately you’re going to have to sue and it’s going to have to be with another authority, not with us. It’s a public office that says this payment has to be made,” he explained.

“The solution is that she has to come forward and she has to work out how she is going to pay to continue to be eligible for aid, because otherwise she is closing the door on a solution. Her rights as an athlete are not violated, she can continue to compete,” he stressed.

Paula Longoriaone of Mexico’s most outstanding athletes, denounced the fact that she had not received support from Conade for two years and said that her sports scholarship was 6,000 pesos, but that since January she had not been granted to him because of alleged themes bureaucratic.

“I have a scholarship since January of 6 thousand pesos and previously they reduced it by almost 70%, it does not even reach me because of the problem that I owe checks, which I have already delivered, to the when I took Conade and they told me they had already received it,” he said in an interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga on August 26.

However, the boss of Conade pointed out that not only Paola Longoria and the Federation have debts, but also other athletes and associations, for which she called for clarification of their respective situations.

“She argues that she has already delivered it (the expense verification), we are talking about years that are not in the current administration. There is no legal document that proves that he delivered them “, he underlined.

“The amount that Paola owes has not been verified, this is what has limited the event aimed at San Luis Potosí (…) The figure at the moment is collaborative, athletes and coaches are invited to collaborate with the Conade to clarify this, the problem is that these are already late exercises, ”he argued.

Ana Guevara clarified that Longoria must come as soon as possible to write a letter of commitment and establish a method of payment, because with each passing day there are fines and surcharges.

“The problem here is that they’re playing on the broken phone, and what they’re doing unfortunately isn’t consistent or co-responsible with what it means to be a member of the national team, a member of the Armed Forces and to present himself as a multi-world champion. I think we have to set an example and not slander and say that it was the Count or myself who decided not to give him the call, “he said. -He underlines.

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