Parsons’ presentation was impressive, even though he was

Parsons’ presentation was impressive, even though he was

As the Cowboys work out the details for their first road game against the Giants, there are a few things to consider regarding defense. Especially Micah Parsons, who is still considered an indomitable machine in the NFL.

In Week 2 he added a few more sacks, already hitting four of them in the first two duels of the season. With these actions, he is on his way to becoming a great historical leader in this stat if things continue to go well. By itself, already in his first 18 games as a professional, he has 17 sacks. Get to surpass the 16.5 that Aldon Smith had in his first 18 games in the NFL between the 2011 and 2012 campaigns.

Likewise, his four sacks in his first two regular season games made him the fourth player in franchise history to do so. Along with Charles Haley who got 5.5 in his first two games in 1994, we also have DeMarcus Ware with four in 2011. Not to mention DeMarcus Lawrence also got four, just in the 2017 season.

The boy in his second year as a professional knows exactly what he needs to do to help the team reach higher levels. And according to him, it doesn’t matter whether he suffers or not. All that matters is to collaborate with the organization at all costs.

“Pain is part of the game, I hurt every week,” said Micah when asked about his ankle by a reporter in the locker room. Since during the broadcast of the duel against the Bengals, we could see the defender touch the surface. “But I know my teammates need me, as well as the coaches. Also, the people in the stands need me on the pitch, not on the bench. I give everything.”

The Cowboys are currently dealing with a slew of serious injuries, including that of QB Dak Prescott. That’s why the rest of the team will have to do their part during these weeks. That includes Parsons himself, who hasn’t been shy about saying he’s ready for the big challenge and it’s just begun.

“Sometimes you have to go through certain things to get where you want to go, and we’re going through some tough times right now,” the linebacker said. “But as we get through all of this, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s where we’re going.”

If Parsons’ production remains consistent, in addition to staying on the court despite the difficulties, he is clearly on his way to breaking new records. So far, the most sacks in a regular season since statistical records have come from Michael Strahan and TJ Watt. The first will succeed in 2001 while the other will do so 20 years later. Both defenders would max out at 22.5 sacks, and Parsons still has 15 games left to surpass those numbers.

“I just have to execute my game plan, know when to take a chance and when not to, figure out all those details,” Parsons continued. “I have worked a lot this season.”

It remains to be seen what Micah has to offer when he meets the Giants at MetLife Stadium. His next victim could be rival quarterback Daniel Jones, who already had three sacks in his previous game against the Panthers. If Parsons maintains that level without issue, he’ll work with a defense that battled against the Bengals last Sunday. The linebacker’s determination is there, so there’s nothing to worry about.

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