PGA Tour 2K23 First Impressions

PGA Tour 2K23 First Impressions

We’ve tried the PGA Tour 2K23 a bit already, and here’s what we thought of it.

For those outside the genre it may seem silly, but simulators are among the best-selling video games on the market, and it is not for less, being video games that allow us to live experiences that , most likely, in real life we ​​would be unable to live.

A good example of this great success are all those sagas of the genre that always sneak into the bestseller lists at the end of the year, highlighting, in our country, the FIFA and NBA 2K franchises, focused on the simulation of football and basketball, respectively. Beyond that, it should be mentioned that there are simulators of virtually anything with minimal relevance, including sports that, at least in our country, they are not as followed as the two mentioned above.

Golf is undoubtedly one of those sports, and it is that we rarely hear about this, also being that we are not in a country where this is especially practiced. Yet we all remember afternoons playing video games based on the sport, including the mini golf game we found in Wii Sports.

Probably due to this general misunderstanding in our country, many people are unaware of PGA Tour 2K, the golf simulation saga. Now we’re relatively close to releasing this year’s episode, but we have already tried itand we tell you below what we thought of it.

trigger by flag

I don’t know if it’s something that only happens to me, but my conception of golf is related to the relaxation of the sound of the wind, the smell of freshly cut grass, etc. I’ve never practiced this sport as such, but that’s what I associate every time I think about it, and what i try to feel every time i play the golf simulator.

Some video games try to contribute to this experience, while others go for a frenzy, which makes it feel more like an arcade than a simulation. Fortunately for those who think like me, PGA Tour 2K23 opts more to try to provide a relaxing environment, to enjoy this sport. Interestingly, this can also be seen in the commentators, and that is that their calm voices and concise, to-the-point comments mean that they are not bothersome at any time, unlike with other greats of the genre.

PGA Tour 2K23 vibe

The different golf courses in which we will play help a lot to relax.

Well-thought-out controls

As soon as you start playing, the title asks you which control mode you prefer, and without thinking too much, I chose the one that use the right stick as the axis of the gameplay. It was one of the best decisions I could have made, and it brings dynamism and an extra layer of difficulty to the game, which suits it pretty well.

Yes, the other control modes are very good, and it is likely that they will even be improved, or new ones added, in the face of the official launch, because it must be remembered that what we tested is not the final version of the game far from it, but I would say that, at least in this version, it is the best control mode.

Going a step further, this control scheme allows us to simulate, in a way, the classic balance that a golf player must do before hitting the ball. For it, we will have to tilt the right joystick towards us, to then tilt it forward when you want to throw the ball. To this we must add the deviation factor, because if by chance we deviate the trajectory to one side, this trajectory will also be reflected in the launch.

PGA Tour 2K23 Viento

Of course, we will have to consider the direction of the wind when hitting.

one of the greats

One of the game modes that we have been able to test the most is the well-known in titles of this genre “Career mode“, being that here we will have to compete with the greats of the golf scene to reach the top.

From now on I tell you, it is a mode that has several options, but at no time does it try to be the most complex of its kind, but rather it seems to want to focus on the fact that all the everyone can benefit from it. In other situations it might be a point against, and something I would mention as a point for improvement for the official launch, but in this case I consider that It’s a good idea.

Even though there were several options, always I ended the day by throwing myself into the various matches of the career mode, instead of stopping to decide which sponsor is worth more to me or things like that. Often, simplicity is a virtue, and perhaps in this case, this sentence is very right.

You may have wondered what kind of character we have in our journey to reach the top, and in this case we will be ourselves, or rather the best version of ourselves we can do in the game editor If many of you aren’t spending hours in these and other editors, don’t worry, because that very intuitive and fun to use.

PGA Tour 2K23 Editor

PGA Tour 2K23’s character editor is quite intuitive and versatile.

dynamism in person

Now, and although we have already dropped hints about this, we are going to talk about the golf matches themselves, the one that is the cornerstone on which this title is basedand which are quite good.

We have already commented that the controls are very well thought out, and that the title achieves the relaxation often sought in this type of title, but we must also mention the dynamism of these games. They can be long, because often they are, but never feel slow at alland it’s that the speed at which the game moves and how dynamic everything is makes it a hugely enjoyable experience.

Similarly, the title is also good, especially in career mode, encouraging competitionand it is that at the end of each hole we will be able to see the situation of our opponents, which will encourage us, at all times, to try to improve ourselves as a player.

PGA Tour 2K23 Replays

When we make good plays, we can see repetitions of them.

Grab the golf clubs!

The truth is that these first impressions of PGA Tour 2K23 created a surprise. It may not be the best game of its kind, but it’s a solid candidate to spend a most relaxing afternoon throwing balls after balls.

We still have a little time before this title is officially launched, so we know if these first impressions are confirmed, but if you like golf, or golf video games, you should be on the lookout.

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