Piastri, McLaren, Alpine, Ricciardo, Gasly and Herta, make the pair gentlemen!

Piastri, McLaren, Alpine, Ricciardo, Gasly and Herta, make the pair gentlemen!

EnlargePaistri, McLaren, Alpine, Ricciardo, Gasly and Herta, get together, gentlemen!

This Monday, the Contract Recognition Office will study the “Oscar Piastri case”. The Australian doesn’t want to continue at Alpine, instead wanting to move to McLaren, but the French team believe he has a valid contract as he has exercised the extension option.

A priori, seen from the outside, it would seem that Otmar Szafnauer has grown dwarfs. It would appear that the French marque exercised the option late simply because they thought Fernando Alonso would stay.

In fact, the fact that Zak Brown wrote a fat check to Daniel Ricciardo to break the contract suggests he’s very sure the replacement has him although, unlike the Palou affair, they haven’t announced yet. Signature.

Piastri and his manager Mark Webber didn’t make the choice just because. Leaving aside the current situation of McLaren and Alpine in the championship, Oscar was not only Alpine’s reserve but also McLaren’s, a “shared reserve”, and he will surely have seen some things from inside Woking. .

Alpine seems to be clear that it will have the promising Australian for 2023 and beyond. The last times Otmar spoke about it was to say that they want compensation for the tests Piastri did with an F1 car from last year.

And in the paddock the rumors are already flying. Daniel Ricciardo seems to be heading for a sabbatical year. He’s already said he’ll think about it. His options don’t seem many: Haas or maybe Williams, not at all appealing to a grinning Aussie who thought he’d become world champion until Max Verstappen crossed his path.

Alpine? It doesn’t look like the French are up to it. Ricciardo has already raced with them in 2019 and 2020. Although there has been talk of a Piastri-Ricciardo swap between the two teams, it looks like the Pierre Gasly option is gaining ground.

Gasly is under contract with Red Bull to race at AlphaTauri. But the Frenchman is disappointed as Marko and Horner have already let him know he doesn’t expect a promotion and is looking for accommodation elsewhere…as was the case for Carlos Sainz at the time.

And the word in the paddock is that Dr Marko wouldn’t hesitate to give the Frenchman freedom if he can count on Colton Herta! –for AlphaTauri–. The US market is still important.

There is at least one curious detail. In Red Bull-Porsche’s future plans, there is no mention of Red Bull’s subsidiary team AlphaTauri. Is Faenza for sale? Is this Andretti’s Trojan horse?

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