Pittsburgh Steelers Officialize Starting Quarterback Mitch Trubisky

Pittsburgh Steelers Officialize Starting Quarterback Mitch Trubisky

Veteran Mason Rudolph was second on the list, relegating first-round pick Kenny Pickett to third.

PITTSBURGH – What has long been telegraphed is now official: Mitch Trubisky is the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. at the start of the campaign of regular visits against the Cincinnati Bengals next Sunday.

Trubisky is listed as the first-team quarterback on the club’s official top-notch roster, taking the job above the first-round pick Kenny Pickettand the Veterans Reserve Steelers, Mason Rudolph.

Rudolph is listed as the second-team quarterback, while picket It is the third in order. Monday morning, Trubisky he was named team captain.

“The three quarterbacks have been great, if I’m being honest, but Michael he’s the passer we go with,” revealed the defensive captain Cameron Heyward this Monday.

A veteran who signed a two-year, $14.2 million contract in free agency, Trubisky he was the favorite in the race of three before training camp. A former second overall rookie for the Chicago Bears in 2016, Trubisky Arrived in Pittsburgh after one year replacing Josh Allen with the Buffalo Tickets.

He started all three preseason games this year and went 24 of 34 for 283 yards with two touchdowns. Apparently, he got the starting job in the last game of the pre-season, when he played the entire first half and closed the second period with an effective touchdown for 1 minute and 20 seconds, completing his six passes for 83 yards.

Trubisky28, was voted one of five team captains, along with running back Najee Harris, Heywardlinebacker TJWattand security Miles Killebrew.

“It’s a huge honor,” he said. Trubisky about his appointment as captain. “Whenever you’re elected by your peers and teammates, obviously it means a lot. I just came here, tried to lead by example, gain the trust of my teammates, and being voted captain by them means certainly a lot.”

The head coach was expected mike tomlin announced a starter for Week 1 on Tuesday, but the official roster order was released on Monday afternoon, ahead of the press conference for tomlin. Before it’s revealed Trubisky he did not reveal his head coach’s plans on Monday, despite the captaincy seeming to suggest that was the direction he was leaning in tomlin.

“You can take whatever you want,” he said Trubisky. “I mean, no, the announcement will be made when it’s due, but you’re not going to hear it from me. And, we’re just going about our business.”

Trubisky said he was captain for the full season for the last time in his college career, in North Carolina.

“It’s just me, being me,” he explained. Trubisky. “It’s something that just comes with being a quarterback. You lead on offense, you lead by example, but you also want to lead the whole team – special teams and defense. You just want to be that person, day in and day out, when they can turn to guys and say, ‘Hey, if I do it like this guy, we’re going in the right direction. “And I just try to do it every day and be consistent.”

Since signing with the Steelers at the start of free agency Trubisky He has shown leadership on and off the pitch. Before training camp, Trubisky he invited many members of the offense to his Florida home for a practice and bonding weekend during the offseason.

“He opened up his house to us and stuff like that,” the tight end agreed. Pat Freiermuth“who made us believe in him”.

Trubisky He’s not the only captain to go the extra mile this offseason. Harris impressed the quarterback when he flew in to visit him after Trubisky signed its two-year agreement with the Steelers in March.

“He came… to talk about everything we’re going to do this year, and just be a great partner,” he said. Trubisky about Harris. “He was there for me from day one. And, for me, it’s those little things that people see leaders do every day. Having those relationships that go deeper with your peers is why he’s who. It is.”

Harris there Killebrew are captains for the first time, while Heyward he was captain for eight consecutive seasons. Watt he is captain for the second time in his career, having earned the honor for the 2020 season.

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