Police were unable to catch the break-in at the Pelosi home despite 1,800 cameras

Police were unable to catch the break-in at the Pelosi home despite 1,800 cameras

  • Capitol Police have 1,800 cameras, but they were unable to track the video outside Nancy Pelosi’s home.
  • Law enforcement said Washington Post, the Speaker of the House of Representatives receives the most death threats.
  • Capitol Police installed cameras around the Pelosi property more than eight years ago.

Capitol Police have 1,800 cameras used to monitor the Capitol and the homes of certain lawmakers, yet no one was watching the videos outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home the night her husband was attacked, according to report from The Washington Post.

Several current and former law enforcement officials spoke to The Post anonymously and said that if Capitol Police want to prevent an attack on any member of Congress, they have the best chance of doing it with Pelosi. One official added that Pelosi is the subject of the most violent death threats of any lawmaker.

Police attribute the level of threats the House speaker receives to being a woman, being second in line to the presidency and being targeted by Republicans, according to The Post.

On Friday, suspect David DePape broke into the Pelosi residence and attacked Paul Pelosi, the speaker’s husband, with a hammer in “politically motivated” attack. On Tuesday, DePape pleaded not guilty on charges including attempted murder and kidnapping.

The Post reported that Capitol Police installed cameras around the House Speaker’s compound more than eight years ago and that she has a 24/7 security detail. On the night of the attack, most of her security detail traveled with her to Washington, D.C., and officers only partially monitored video footage outside her home, according to the release.

U Media Release on Tuesday, Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said that while there have been improvements, such as plans to hire 280 more officers this year, the country’s “political climate” will require “additional layers of physical security.”

Pelosi has been the target of violent threats before. In March 2019, a man in Florida called her office to tell staff he was “going a long, long way to rattle her head with bullets” and beheaded her “jihadist style,” according to the statement. court documents from his trial.

Violent threats against MPs have increased dramatically in recent years, according to to the police. Data from Capitol Police found that threats against members of Congress increased 144% between 2017 and 2022.

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