Porsche breaks with Red Bull

Porsche breaks with Red Bull

Porsche will not partner with Red Bull to compete in Formula 1. After months of negotiations, the German firm issued a statement on Friday in which it excludes any association with the energy drink firm, its racing team or its engine factory. “For the past few months, Porsche and Red Bull have been in discussions about Porsche’s possible entry into Formula 1. The two companies have reached the joint conclusion that these discussions will not continue,” the Stuttgart-based manufacturer said.

Among the causes of this rupture, they point out, is Red Bull’s refusal to cede half of the ownership of its team. At Milton Keynes they were in favor of engine sponsorship or a Red Bull Powertrains factory takeover, but they didn’t want to lose weight in the racing team. “The premise has always been an association based on equity, this included not only an association in the engines, but also in the team. This has not been achieved”, specifies Porsche, which in any case maintains its interest in Formula 1: “With the change of rules constituted, the championship continues to be an attractive environment for Porsche.

According to championship sources, Porsche will continue to explore ways to enter the Grand Circus through other teams. They are constantly looking for, negotiating or taking an interest in other teams and the project does not enter a dead end. The new engine regulations (from 2026) simplify the powertrains slightly with the removal of the MGU-H, and the electrical supply is reinforced by means of MGU-K, in addition to the use of synthetic fuels.

The Volkswagen group has already confirmed its entry into F1 by Audi, as an engine manufacturer, from 2026. It is also understood they will invest in Sauber to make it their own team once Alfa Romeo sponsorship ends in December 2023. But the German car giant’s arrival at the Cup of the world was due to take place across two brands, not just one, and Formula 1 is still waiting for Porsche.

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