Mexico, September 1, 2022.

Lat the entrance of the German mark Porsche in Formula 1 It has not yet been decided and discussions on its possible incorporation are continuing, according to the new CEO of parent company Volkswagen Group.

Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, assured this Thursday in a press release to the newspaper Braunschweiger Zeitung, that “Porsche is in talks”but not yet arrived “to a final decision”.

In general, we welcome the new regulations that allow a significantly higher level of engine electrification and the use of synthetic fuels.

Earlier in the year, Volkswagen had allowed Porsche and Audi to enter F1. Audi confirmed last week ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix that it will join the top car category from 2026, when there will be more durable power units.

Audi will be linked with the Swiss team Sauber, which currently competes as Alfa Romeo, a cooperation that will end after the 2023 season, while rumored that Porsche will join forces with current World Cup leaders Red Bull.

The last time Porsche was in F1 was in 1991 when he was making the engines for the Footwork team. However, from 1957 to 1964 the German brand had its own team, in 1961 they achieved their greatest achievement when they finished third in the constructors’ championship.

With information from: Europa Press


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