Possible leaks of the Chivas commemorative jersey

Possible leaks of the Chivas commemorative jersey

Images are circulating on social media of the shirt which will supposedly serve to commemorate 20 years since Jorge Vergara took over Chivas

GUADALAJARA — In the social networks circulates the possible new commemorative shirt of Chivaswhich would be part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Vergara family in front of the Guadalajara.

Through Twitteruser @Gaspar_Sparco published the images of a T-shirt of Chivaswith a design very similar to that used in the 2003-2004 season by the Guadalajara team.

The rojiblanco jersey recalls the design that was used at the start of the management of Jorge Vergara as owner of Guadalajarawhen it was decided not to show sponsors on the garment, in order to increase the advertising value on the team’s red and white jersey.

At that time, the businessman Jorge Vergara He decided to put the uniform on sale under his own brand, JV & Co Reimagined, but the clothes were made by the Reebok company, which later became one of the brands that would dress the red and white team.

The 2003-2004 non-sponsored season jersey has become a fan favorite over the years as for a large proportion of Flock fans tradition has been upheld, in what was one of the major successes of Jorge Vergara.

The leaked jersey has a clean design of sponsors, with gold trim on both the neck and the Puma brand logo, in addition to the signature of George Vergara. At the bottom of the jersey, a legend is indicated with the reason for which this jersey was made: “The Guadalajara Sports Club celebrates 20 years of a new era, with this special edition this iconic jersey commemorates the start of a new page in the history of the Sacred Flock. The more than 40 million chivahermanos celebrate this 20th anniversary.

The post in which the jersey appears mentions that the garment will have more than 5,000 puff units, in addition to a fan version.

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