Pumas back Lillini…for now – Sniper

Pumas back Lillini…for now – Sniper


The rector was already beginning to chambear. what’s going on with cougars brought about the meeting of senior executives of the University Club, with Inge Silva and Doc Mejía Barón, in addition to the technician Lillini at the rectorate, and Dr. Graue remained firm in supporting the recent remarks of his board of directors: he hopes that the coxswain will know how to get them out of the rut.

Yes, they tell me it’s for the current contest and since they don’t want to rest on their laurels, in short they will start to visualize who can be the replacement in the future. The natural choice is Ricardo Ferretti, whom Doc has a great friendship with and knows like the back of his hand, but Tuca still hasn’t been offered. Patience.


I asked what happened in the blue and gold locker room after the defeats, looking for who was shouting or raising their voices to make those who remained on duty react, but they tell me they have been a graveyard. There, some youth teams have half spoken, but they don’t end up becoming leaders.

Even Dani Alves has not been a differentiator to boost morale, he is still involved in his pre-season to reach Qatar 2022 with minutes, where moreover, his participation is already assured, because it has been clarified by the assistants of Titus who were in favor of the visitation. They want him for his experience, as a guide for the Selecao.

Of course, my Dani continues to draw the spotlight even among his colleagues and show what happened in Akron, when the players of Chivas They lined up outside the Pumas locker room to ask for his autograph. The most excited was Alexis Vega, who even took his Brazil shirt to secure the signing. It is the magnetism of Alves.

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Now with themes from the Tri in the grinder of grinders in Atlanta. Martino will give the candy to some players against Paraguay to fulfill Doña Fede’s commitment to SUM, but the reality is that with the exception of Cachorro Montes, who Rayados asked to play little, none of them looks like a starter against Poland.

In goal, my Richard ‘Tex Tex’ Acevedo will be stellar and has everything to beat Cota to the point behind Ochoa and Tala in Qatar. He is the guardian of the future.

Another who is going to get minutes is Emilio Lara, but in Coapa they are worried because he has presented muscle discomfort and they don’t want a team to return him injured again. As Henry has not traveled for a similar problem, America thinks of measuring its selections for the rest of the tournament.


On the other side we will see numbers from the MX League, like Richard Sánchez and Bruno Valdez, who responded to the central when Tano demanded it, despite the fact that he was criticized by the radical part of Americanism on social networks who demanded his departure from the Nest. Today I tell you how it was.

The closest exit for Bruno was not in Ciudad Juárez, who wanted him yes or yes, but the one who was far from getting him out of Coapa was Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia, because not only did he fulfill the requirement of millionaire demanded by the Eagles but also It meant for Valdez the best contract of his career, it would secure the financial future even of his grandchildren. So.

However, there was a voice that stopped everything, reason prevailed at home and they did not go crazy for money: it was Magui, his wife, who asked him not to take the family to Riyadh and to fight to regain the hierarchical position that it managed to have with America. And as where the captain reigns, the sailor does not reign, the Paraguayan continued in the Nest, so today they can thank his wife. Terrific decision.


Those who will go international are the reborn Chivas of Guadalajara. They told me that part of the high level of the red and white board of directors had undertaken the trip to the Homeland to accompany Mikel Arriola in his European tour, and not only did they fly so that the president of the Meme X League does not make it boring, but they also went to close some interesting games.

The leaders of El Rebaño will make a special stop with their fellow Spanish nationalists, with the club strictly following the ideals of playing only with compatriots from the peninsula, which is also a historical player and even plays with red and white stripes: Bilbao Athletic Club.

They are going to close the negotiations so that they play some friendly matches, one in our country and another on the Old Continent, the idea is that it will be just before the World Cup and also the following year. Let it be done


While many of us thought ViX’s arrival meant the final nail in SKY’s coffin, because he broke that promise of having all the games, that ‘total football’ just for his cue, because it turns out that the payment system is fighting back and about to launch a campaign to reposition it.

They are about to announce the real offer that SKY will have to impress on their football audience: Right off the bat, although Paramount has lost the premier, they will be establishing themselves tooth and nail in La Liga exclusively, in addition to have the Bundesliga, but the icing on the cake and that nobody knows yet is that they will have the whole World Cup again!

As you have read, SKY will soon announce that all 64 matches of Qatar 2022 can be seen on its signal and not as it was thought that 10 would play exclusively on ViX+. This system is therefore very much alive.


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