‘Qatar 2022 fans will have zero tolerance’, warns Alfonso Zegbe

‘Qatar 2022 fans will have zero tolerance’, warns Alfonso Zegbe

It will not be a World Cup like the others that will take place in Qatar.

It’s the first World Cup which takes place in an Arab country. This does not mean that you cannot shout, sing, dance and even drink alcohol, but everything with limits, because whoever comes out of it will be punished.

Alphonse Zegbe He is the Executive Director of Strategy and Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and will be in charge of the Mexico-Qatar Center in Doha, an office that will help nationals who have doubts or problems during the World Cup. .

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He is the one who knows the most about what fans can find in Qatar, and specifies: “You can shout, support, sing the cute little sky, but you have to be well informed to know what to do and what not to do. . “.

Its banner is the Traveller’s Guide, which can be consulted on the SRE site, a constantly evolving document.

The key to it all “is to reduce risk, and a well-informed hobby reduces the risk of an incident. For this reason, the Guide is there, in addition to the fact that it is necessary to register for the SIRME [Sistema de Registro para Mexicanos en el Exterior]”.

Let’s be clear: “It will be a different World Cup, not like Brazil or Russia. Many approach and say “that’s what they said about Russia, and I behaved as always”. Not here. You will not be able to enter the stadium if you do not have a ticket in your name and the number must match the Hayya Card, which is an application where all your data will be, and it will even help you to stay in the hotel … For everything.

“You also have to respect when you are in a mosque, in palaces, in public buildings with the Qatari population,” adds Zegbe, in an exclusive interview with UNIVERSAL SPORT. “We are visitors and we must respect.”

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