Quarterback standings after Week 2 of the regular season

Quarterback standings after Week 2 of the regular season

Who were the quarterbacks who were lightweight and out of the blue on Day 2 of the new NFL campaign?

how amazing it was week 2 of the regular season NFLThat we had quarterbacks with four touchdowns and no interceptions that didn’t make our top five of the day?

In advance, apologies to Joe Flacco there Jared Goff.

Subsequently, the name that emerged as the best in terms of Total QBR for the weekend, one of the two smugglers having reached the border of 90 points. On the other side, there were also two quarterbacks that stayed in single digits in the same category.

Without further ado, and in alphabetical order, here are the best and worst quarterbacks in the NFL for the week 2.


For the second day in a row, Josh Allen led his Bills to a total annihilation of the rival in turn, this time the Titans were victimized. The Buffalo quarterback posted the third-highest QBR total of the day in one of two Week 2 “Monday Night Football” games, thanks to a 26-of-38 performance for 317 yards with four hits without interceptions. Additionally, only 8.3% of his passes were inaccurate, the fifth-best rate of the day, and he ranked sixth in average per pass attempt at 8.34. Allen is flying, at least early in the season, for the MVP award he was denied two years ago.

The other “MNF” two-time title-winning quarterback, Hurts, appeared on the right side of our weekly list. The Philadelphia star completed 26 of 31 passes for 333 yards with a touchdown and an interception, and rushed for 57 additional yards on 11 carries, including two for touchdowns. His total QBR for the day was 78.3, sixth best for the week. On top of all that, Hurts was one of two quarterbacks to finish the day with an average of yards per pass attempt over 10, posting an impressive 10.74. In the end, he finished sixth with the weekend’s best passing inaccuracy rate at just 9.7%.

It’s next to impossible to ask Jackson to do more than he did for Baltimore on Sunday, although the Ravens did eventually go down. Jackson completed 21 of 29 passing attempts for 318 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions, also leading his team in rushing with 119 yards and a touchdown on nine carries. As if that weren’t enough, he led the league with 10.97 passing yards, which helped him reach the fourth-best total QBR to date, an 86.0.

If we had started this piece asking for candidates for the best overall QBR in Week 2, I doubt anyone would have guessed to mention Lawrence. The truth is, the Jags quarterback is coming off his best performance as a professional on a day in which he scored 0.0 percent inaccurate passes and an 83.3 percent completion rate. He completed 25 of 30 passes for 325 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions, and the seventh-highest average for yards per pass attempt at 7.83. His 95.3 was one of two league records of at least 90.0 for Total QBR.

For the second week in a row, Tagovailoa joins Allen as the AFC East representatives who didn’t fall short in the positive half of our weekly tally. The Dolphins quarterback had two interceptions to throw six touchdown passes, including four in the fourth quarter, for a total QBR of 90.0. He passed 36 of 50 for 469 yards and averaged 9.38 yards per attempt for the third-best mark of the weekend.


Apparently, Fields is struggling to convince his coaches to let him throw the ball. There were just 11 pass attempts, seven of them successful, for the Bears sophomore quarterback in Week 2, one of which was intercepted and no touchdowns. His 18.2% passing inaccuracy would have left him tied for 22nd with Mitch Trubisky that day, had he thrown the minimum passes to qualify for the category, and also would have ranked 22nd in yards per passes with his 6.36. The Chicago offense is going through a serious crisis and immediate responses are needed. A 6.7 total QBR, second lowest of the weekend, is nothing to brag about at home.

So far, the Mayfield experiment has been an abject failure in Carolina, and at this point coach Matt Rhule’s job seems insurmountable. Mayfield completed 14 of 29 passes for 145 yards with a touchdown without interceptions. He was third lowest among skilled passers at 25.9% incomplete, and his 5.00 yards per pass attempt was third lowest. In the end, he was ranked 29th in Total QBR for the day, at just 15.9.

If Mayfield is considered a failure at Calolina, the same must be said of Ryan after two games at Indianapolis. No one had a total QBR below his 6.2, having completed 16 of 30 passes for just 195 yards without a touchdown and three interceptions. Averaging 6.50 yards per pass attempt, which ranked him 20th in the league, the Colts quarterback didn’t help much either.

It looks like the beginning of the end of the Tannehill era is approaching in Tennessee, after yet another exit into oblivion. He went 11 of 20 for 117 yards without a touchdown against two interceptions before being replaced by rookie Malik Willis in a loss to the Eagles. With 5.85 yards per pass attempt, he was 23rd in the league in that category.

Winston went back to the same pattern of forced passes that eventually turn into interceptions. Against the Bucs. Winston was intercepted three times, going 25 of 40 for 236 yards and just one touchdown. He had the fifth-worst rate in the NFL for incomplete passes at 25% and 22nd in yards per pass attempt at 5.90. New Orleans’ problem is that there really isn’t anyone on the roster to challenge him for the job, so the only way forward for the Saints is patience.

Data from ESPN statistics and information and TruMedia were used in writing this note.

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