Rafa Nadal and Ben Stiller’s “conspiracy dinner” before the US Open

Rafa Nadal and Ben Stiller’s “conspiracy dinner” before the US Open

Rafael Nadal’s US Open debut is fast approachingand it is for this reason that he took advantage of the days preceding the first meeting to take advantage a dinner with another yellow ball lover, actor and director Ben Stiller. The two have a great relationship and this is evidenced by their last meeting in the Small town center kitchenan Italian restaurant in Manhattan, where members of his team were also Marc López, Rafael Maymo or Carlos Costaamong others.

“Fun dinner with my team and friends!” And… everything is fine before the start of the tournament, ”wrote the Manacor tennis player on his social networks, accompanied by an image of the participants in this conspiracy dinner before the last Grand Slam of the year. yesWe hope that the interpreter attends a meeting of his friendas he did in the last edition of the Indian Wells Master 1000.

In fact, the actor of ‘While we’re young’ or ‘Night at the museum’ was the protagonist of the game of Nadal vs Nick Kyrgios because the Australian tennis player reproached him for the following in the middle of a match: “Why are you talking? “I tell you how you should act?“, a comment that provoked laughter from the public.

Nadal and Stiller, a ten-year relationship

Stiller has repeatedly confessed that he is a big fan of the spanish tennis player and that their relationship was harvested thanks to a call from Nadal to participate in an exhibition match with Juan Martin del Potro. Also, remarkable the encouragement that moved him in the quarter-final of Wimbledon against his American compatriot, Taylor Fritzwhere the manacorí rallied in the fifth set.

Come on Rafa”, a publication which was not widely accepted by a part of the public of Twitter because of the comments of several users. “It doesn’t make sense for this guy to accompany Nadal before a tennis player from his own country” or “Support your compatriot and don’t jump on the bandwagon”.

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