Rafa Nadal, to AS, on ‘coaching’: ‘I don’t use it a lot’

Rafa Nadal, to AS, on ‘coaching’: ‘I don’t use it a lot’

When he returned to play in Cincinnati a month and a half after leaving Wimbledon due to injury, Rafael Nadal asked the chair umpire how framingthe possibility that the coach gives instructions to the player on the field, which the ATP has been testing since July 9.

At the US Open, the Spaniard received instructions from Moyá and Roig during the matches, but he is not enthusiastic. “I don’t use it much, I’m still used to playing a lot with my ball. It’s been like that all my life,” he says, interviewed by AS.

“Having said that, I’m not criticizing him, because I voted for it. Before, there was none, because not all players could afford to have a coach. Now we all have it, so it doesn’t make sense that when it matters most, they can’t tell you.”


Rafa believes that “tennis has the grace of being on the court, enduring frustration and finding solutions”. However… “Knowing that you can receive a slogan, if I am there next to you and there is something that I do not understand, I say to them: ‘tell me a little louder, absolutely, now you can…’ (laughs)” .

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