Rahm quits halfway back to East Lake due to storm

Rahm quits halfway back to East Lake due to storm

Lthe battle continues Here is after a third day marked by two shutdowns caused by electrical storms, which prevented it from ending on Saturday. This will make Sunday even more intense than expected. still in my head Scottie Scheffler (-19)closely marked by Alexander Schauele (-18) and followed at once by a field of contenders for the $18 million prize in which we must include Jon Rahm (-14 at the start of the 14th hole), whose third round was a slide. Im, Thomas and McIlroy were “on fire”.

Qualifications before the resumption on Sunday

Of course, before the start of the Tour Championship, we already knew that overthrowing Scheffler from the privileged position from which he started was going to be very complicatedbecause of the way the American is playing this year in the important events and because of that advantage gained beforehand as the leader of the FedEx Cup.

But the world number one takes on the top 28 on the circuit at East Lake and, after the day of the move, the tournament was a little more balanced, as expected. As soon as the leader weakened a bit, the opposition began to attack him. It is impossible to predict who will become the 2022 PGA Tour Champion.

The ‘Lion of Barrika’ had a day of ups and downs but he certainly fought back. The putt was what kept Rahm. Jon started with a bogey, the product of a bad start that conditioned the hole. However, the sensations changed immediately. His ball was a dart that nearly hit the target on the second hole and on the third he hit a 6-7 yard putt to level off at -1 on the day.

At minute 5, ‘Rahmbo’ again nailed wide of the flag on his second shot and scratched another birdie. The losing streak came to visit him on 7 and 8. It wasn’t his day with the driver. In the 8 -a par 4- he went into the water and almost ends up saving the pair. Immediately after, on the 9th, he made a five-yard putt to redeem himself and birdie another. At the end of the first nine holes, he was at -1.

Rahm had to keep paddling to discount shots with those higher up, but a bunker exit in the 11th put him on the path to another bogey. He recovered instantly (hole 12), putting a 9-10 meter putt that made not only the “Lion” but all the spectators roar. At minute 14 he hit the tee shot (off the fairway, right) just before the horn sounded.

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