Raiders fan knocks out woman in fight at SoFi Stadium

Raiders fan knocks out woman in fight at SoFi Stadium

American Football It is one of most violent contact sports. Despite his constant conflict in the fields, on a few occasions fans come to fight in the hallways of the stadium. However, there is always a first time and to prove it, it’s a woman who was raped by a Raiders fan.

An account of Twitter took it upon himself to share the moment when a group of men fought in the Sofia Stadium. Place where the game took place Raiders vs. Chargers. The video shows how a young man began to punch another fan in the face.

Right now, a woman chose to enter the field and started knocking to everyone involved. despite receiving a punch, the lady continued standing raping the men. One of them couldn’t stand the female and decided to respond to the attack.

Due to the great force, the woman fell to the ground. Immediately another woman took the fan and removed it from the conflict. The event went viral on Twitter, where he already adds more than 600,000 reproductions, Some of the messages that can be read in the post are: “They lost away and on the pitch,” or “They were hands with equal opportunity”.

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