Raleigh, NC shooting: City releases preliminary report on mass shooting that killed 5

Raleigh, NC shooting: City releases preliminary report on mass shooting that killed 5


The A 15-year-old boy who allegedly killed five people and wounded two last week in Raleigh, North Carolina, a shotgun, a handgun and a knife were found, according to a city report released Thursday.

Authorities have not yet learned the motive of the suspected attacker, who was found by police with a gunshot wound and hospitalized in critical condition, according to the city manager’s preliminary report to the police chief.

The suspect was not named in the report, but his parents identified him as Austin Thompson.

The suspect has not been charged. But Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said her office intends to proceed charging a 15-year-old as an adult.

A timeline in the report says authorities believe the first to die was a 16-year-old boy, who was shot once and stabbed several times. The suspect’s brother, James Roger Thompson, has been identified as the 16-year-old who was killed.

A timeline of reports based on the route authorities believe the suspect took says the gunman then wounded Marcille Gardner, 59, who was found in her driveway in the East Raleigh Hedingham subdivision. The suspect then fatally wounded Nicole Connors and killed her dog on their front porch, and shot and killed off-duty Raleigh police officer Gabriel Torres, 29, in his personal car on his way to work, the report said. .

Sue Karnatz and Mary Marshall were among five people killed in Raleigh last week.

The suspect ran to a nearby greenway where he killed Mary Marshall, 35, who was walking her dog, and Susan Karnatz, 49, who was jogging, the report said.

“Based on currently available information, there does not appear to be any connection between the victims who were shot by the suspect prior to the encounter with police other than they lived in the same neighborhood,” the report added.

About 90 minutes after the first emergency calls, the police found the suspect in the area with two outbuildings on the property, according to the report. The latest gunshot victim was a police officer who was shot when the suspect opened fire from one of the outbuildings.

Police returned fire and rescued the officer, according to the report, which added that Raleigh officers fired 23 shots.

Officers then established a perimeter “due to concerns about the nature of the weapons in his possession, including multiple firearms as well as possible hand grenades as indicated in the 911 call.”

When police entered about three hours later, they found the suspect with a shotgun and grenades nearby, according to the report. He had a gun in his belt and an empty knife sheath attached to his belt. The knife was found outside the building, the report added.

The suspect was shot once, according to the report.

The two Raleigh police officers who fired the gun are on administrative duty, according to the report.

The report, which city officials typically file five days after a law enforcement-involved shooting, also said police will request to obtain “agency video” of the two officers who used the weapons and the officer who was wounded during the search. In North Carolina, a judge must rule on the release of body camera videos.

The suspect’s parents released a statement through their lawyers on Wednesday saying they were devastated by the loss of innocent lives, including the death of their son James.

“Our son Austin has caused immeasurable pain to the Raleigh community, and we are overwhelmed with grief for the innocent lives lost,” Alan and Elise Thompson said in a statement, obtained by CNN affiliate WTVD. “Words cannot begin to describe our pain and sorrow.”

The suspect’s parents say they don’t understand why the mass tragedy happened.

“We have so many unanswered questions,” the Thompsons said in their statement. “There was never any indication or warning sign that Austin was capable of doing something like this.”

Mourners gather at Beacon Baptist Church for a vigil after five people were shot and killed in Raleigh.

The parents said they will continue to cooperate with law enforcement “and do everything we can to help them understand why and how this happened.”

According to the non-profit The Gun Violence Archive, there have been at least 546 mass shootings in the United States this year as of Tuesday. That’s an average of more than 1.8 mass shootings every day.

Both the Gun Violence Archive and CNN define a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter.

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