Ram and Salisbury champions at the US Open

Ram and Salisbury champions at the US Open

The duo formed by Ram and Salisbury were crowned champions at the US Open. Defeating Koolhof and Skupski in two sets (7-6(4), 7-5) they managed to revalidate the title of champion and thus add their third Grand Slam trophy.

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The world number one duo formed by Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury They did not fail in their favoritism during the last Grand Slam of the season and managed to be crowned champions for the second time in a row. Although they were the favourites, they did not have an easy mission in the final and that was that they faced two players in good form, Koolhof and Skupski. The two had been measured twice this season and once each pair had taken the win.

Ram and Salisbury retain title

In the first round, Ram and Salsibury have already started to suffer. On their second tour of duty, they had to pick up a break point to continue taking the lead on the scoreboard. From that point on, there was no alternative to the rest and both were solid with their serves, so the first round was decided on a tie break. in sudden death Ram and Salisbury took a step forward and ended up taking the first set 7-4.

In the second set, there were two consecutive breaks in the third and fourth games respectively. From then on, Ram and Salisbury seemed more comfortable, not least because they were the ones who had the initiative on the scoreboard and therefore continued to pressure the other side. It was just after 6-5 that they got the tie-break when they reached the match point. They took advantage of the first time and so defended the title at the US Open to show why they are number one in doubles and thus add the third Grand Slam in pairs.

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