Ramos Rizo highlights referee’s ‘appalling’ error in dismissal of Dani Alves, who was left in yellow

Ramos Rizo highlights referee’s ‘appalling’ error in dismissal of Dani Alves, who was left in yellow

The specialist pointed out that the whistleblower made a big mistake by showing Dani Alves the red card but after the review it wasn’t even a foul.

Dani Alves received his first expulsion in Mexico, during the defeat of Pumas 1-3 against Chivasbut after a silent examination, the whistler removed the red card and left in yellow fault.

However, for the specialist ESPNThe Brazilian’s Felipe Ramos Rizo didn’t even miss it and called the central referee’s decision ‘appalling’.

The HAS BEEN recorded in Dani Alves of his first expulsion in Mexican football. Diego Montaño, central referee of Chivas vs. Pumas, had shown the Brazilian the red card but eventually corrected and booked it.

The action premiered at minute 82, at which point Dani Alves he slid to take the ball from Alexis Vega. Diego Montaño reacted immediately and ran to show the Brazilian the red card, who smiled at the referee’s decision.

Faced with the demands of footballers to ChivasDiego Montaño prevented the resumption of actions, he strained his ear to listen through the blindfold and, without seeing the piece on the screen of the HAS BEENchanged the red card for yellow and even joked with Dani Alveswho smiles at the whistler.

“Frightening the expulsion of Dani AlvesWell, it’s not even a fault, and to hide his big mistake, he admonishes him for no reason, it’s Mexican arbitration”, wrote Felipe Ramos Rizo on his social networks.

The specialist pointed out in Picante Soccer that the whistle even broke the VAR protocol, because to change the Brazilian’s expulsion decision he had to go to VAR, but it was not like that, since he received the instruction to change the card for a mute notice.

This is the second yellow Dani Alves sum in Mexican soccer. The first was shown to him by Oscar Macías Romo 32 minutes into the duel between Atlético de San Luis and the Pumas, in which the university team lost 3-2 to Alfonso Lastras Ramírez.

With the defeat against Chivas, cougars fell to second-to-last place with nine units, after one win, six draws and four losses, only ahead of Querétaro, which has seven units, the product of one win, four draws and seven falls.

The next game of cougars It will be Saturday, September 3, the day they visit Atlas at the Jalisco stadium.

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