Rams players wear ‘Choose Love’ helmet tag

Rams players wear ‘Choose Love’ helmet tag

All Los Angeles elements have cachet for the first game of the season against the Bills, whose members support multiple causes

All the players of Los Angeles Rams they wear one label in the casco with the caption “choose love“(“Choose Love”) for the first game of the regular season against the Buffalo Tickets. NFL teams will paint the words “”We all need“(“It takes us all”) and “end racism“(“End Racism”) on the sidelines for the third straight season as part of the league’s social justice initiative Inspire change.

The bone players can choose one of seven messages for their helmets This year. The other six remain the same:end racism“, “stop the hate“, “We all need“, “Black Lives Matter“, “Inspire change“y”Tell their stories“.

The league said it added the message “choose lovedue to an increase in hate crimes and gun violence across the country. Ten African Americans were killed and three people were injured in a shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo at the beginning of this year.

The NFL has teamed up with Colombian American artist Ruben Rojas to deliver a clear message of love this season. In honor of Thursday night’s regular season opener, Rojas has created two “Love” sculptures that will be placed in both Angels as in Buffalo, unifying the two coasts for the season. the carving of Angels will be unveiled at SoFi Stadium ahead of the game, while the piece of Buffalo will perform outside Highmark Stadium the week before Los Angeles’ first game of the season. Invoices home September 19.

The bone players of the Invoices they also wear hang tags in the helmets with several messages in the game against the Rams.

Each team will once again highlight their social justice work during a regular season game in weeks 15 and 16. On-field displays will include banners from Inspire changemessages on the poles, texts on the grass, hang tags in the helmets and graphics on the video screens.

“As we enter another NFL season, the league’s commitment to social justice continues both on the field and in the stadiums of all 32 teams and in their communities across the country,” said Anna Isaacson told The Associated Press. the NFL. “This year, we are expanding our efforts to include the Inspire change Changemaker Award which will honor a local social justice actor for each team’s market.

“Initiatives like NFL Votes, donations to local and national nonprofits, the hang tags of social justice in helmetsexpanded programming and content on NFL-operated channels to highlight social justice efforts across the NFL family, and of course, dedicated weeks of Inspire change will also continue. »

The NFL will continue to feature “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” widely known as the African-American national anthem, as part of its programming at major events.

Messages written on the diagonals will be placed on the field for all teams in all their home games, except when another cause is recognized. During matches with the “Salute to the service” campaign, the text “end racism” will be replaced with “Hi Service” at one end while “We all need“He will keep his place on the other side.

Each team will choose a local change agent, someone who is making a difference in their community through social justice work, either individually or as part of a non-profit organization. The 32 Game Changers will receive a $10,000 donation to continue their efforts and will be recognized at their respective teams’ home game in the campaign. »Inspire change“and during Super Bowl week in Phoenix.

Inspire change showcases the collaborative efforts of playersowners and the league to create positive change in communities across the country and seek equal opportunity for all.

Inspire change supports programs and initiatives focused on education, economic advancement, criminal justice reform, and police-community relations. The league made a 10-year, $250 million commitment to social justice as part of Inspire change and announced in June that it had surpassed $244 million in funding in just five years.

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