Ravens lost mascot Poe to injury to Washington

Ravens lost mascot Poe to injury to Washington

The popular Baltimore Raven was injured in a halftime football game against the Commanders

BALTIMORE — The losing streak of Baltimore Ravens with the injuries Apparently, it didn’t end last season.

PoeThe popular mascot of the crowshad to leave the field in the assistance cart during a football match pets against children at halftime of the last match of the pre-season of Baltimore against the Washington Commanders this Saturday night. Poe had to be carried by three people to be placed in the assistance trolley then they had to stabilize his left leg.

The wound When did that happen Poe he was hit from behind and then knocked down by a player.

The head coach of the crowsJohn Harbaugh went out into the field and checked Poe, who remained lying on the ground for about five minutes because many were unsure if he was really injured. The wound of Poe was about to delay the start of the second half of the exhibition match between Baltimore and Washington.

He was taken off the field in the assistance cart with about a minute left before the start of the third quarter.

When he asked her to give news of wound of Poethe head coach of crowsJohn Harbaugh replied, “I knew you were going to ask me that,”

Harbaugh later jokingly added, “No news on that. I’m sure he’ll have an MRI tomorrow.”

It was a surprisingly tough match between the pets and children’s soccer players. One of the players was pushed by a mascot wear when trying to enter the diagonals.

A replacement of Poe he appeared midway through the third quarter of the game, drawing applause from fans at M&T Bank Stadium. He was shaking hands with the fans.

Despite the decline of Poethem crows they were able to control Washington for their 23rd straight preseason victory. The injuries derailed last season Baltimore, in which 25 players were placed on injured reserve at one point. However, this was the first mascot hurt for the crows.

With a smile, a spokesperson for the crows said after the match that there will be no news from injuries through week 1 of the regular season.

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