RB will always see it as a second option

RB will always see it as a second option

Checo Pérez during a press conference. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Sergio Pérez is going through a complex period in Formula 1. Czech He has seen his performance decline during the last Grand Prix. The days of the start of the season seem distant, when the Mexican was named as a possible champion of the most demanding circuit in the world. The illusion has faded as Pérez’s role as Max Verstappen’s squire solidifies more than ever. The man from Guadalajara explained, from his point of view, why the landscape has changed.

According to the testimony of Czech, everything is directly related to the car change that Red Bull has undertaken -they have updated the RB18-. “In the last races, as the car evolved, it was moving away from me. I may not have embraced the new car, but it’s something I’m working on with my engineers. I’m the same pilot from six months ago, so it’s not going like that,” the pilot said in an interview with Fox Sports.

The change became necessary as Max Verstappen, the team’s star rider, needed adjustments to take advantage of his conditions. Reb Bull has obviously met the needs of its main value. “The cars have evolved a lot. For starters, the car is already faster than it was at the start of the year. We have lost more than 10 kilos of weight, it influences a lot and changes your balance. Sometimes updates are better for you or not for your riding style,” Pérez said. “At the start of the year, I was more comfortable with the car and I was doing better than Max. It’s not something new either: in F1 it happened several times. It’s not in me and it’s not a pretext either, I continue to work very hard,” said the Mexican.

In the first eight races of the year, the Mexican scored a total of five podiums. This figure contrasts with the two podiums he obtained in the last eight races. Moreover, the points difference with Verstappen is already abysmal: at the start of the season it was 15 and now it is 125. This apparent competitive parity has led many fans to believe that Pérez has what it takes to compete for the championship. Then, given the evidence, that theory has been disproven and all that remains is to cling on to the consolation that he can win the Mexican Grand Prix next October.

Maybe the bells were tossed too soon. The consolidation of Checo at the highest level was confirmed, for the umpteenth time, during the first part of the season. But five podium finishes were no guarantee of moving up the ranks and it has always been clear: Pérez came to Red Bull to help, to be a functional piece for Verstappen, not as a protagonist. It’s time to accept that it won’t happen. The best moments of the Mexican will be consumed in the service of another. There is no charisma that can change that because ultimately Red Bull has always been clear in its plans. No one can be said to have made a mistake. The illusion, ultimately, was gratuitous.

Checo P'rez spoke with Max Verstappen.  (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert, Pool)

Checo Pérez speaks with Max Verstappen. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert, Pool)

He assumed it and does not hesitate to accept it. “It’s practically a fact, a matter of time before Max wins the championship. Second or third place don’t matter to me”. Perhaps that temperance dressed in resignation is the same one that a large part of his fans miss, because in the good moments of the season there were many voices that championed him and that, in addition, demanded that he is given Red Bull’s main courier.

There’s no greater proof than the adjustments made with Verstappen in mind. In the speech, Pérez’s work will always be highly appreciated by his bosses, but certainly, at the moment of truth, they will not hesitate to put in place plans and teams with the intention of serving the Dutchman while Sergio Pérez watching out of the corner of his eye. It is his curse.


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