Real Madrid vs. Mallorca – Match Report – 11 September 2022

Real Madrid vs. Mallorca – Match Report – 11 September 2022

(EFE).- Real Madrid maintains the total number of victories in La Liga Santander, five out of five, after a thrashing of Mallorca (4-1) in which the Uruguayan Fede Valverde and the Brazilian Vinicius Junior were, with their goals , the divers of a locked encounter in which Rodrygo and Rüdiger culminated the party of a white team that finds its great strength in its superiority in the second parts.

The time the game started (2:00 p.m. local time) and the first thirty minutes did not invite optimism at the Santiago Bernabéu. Muriqi’s chance in the first minute was a mirage that, yes, later became a warning, of a Mallorca waiting behind attacks from a White side who couldn’t pace their game.

A few lukewarm leads that were produced mostly by a left band that had too many legs piled into it. Vinicius, Mendy, Hazard, Ceballos and even Rodrygo have gathered there at times, making it easier for visitors to resist. The solution, a few long shots that did not put Rajkovic in difficulty.

Typical match in which a free kick becomes relief and more so for the team that chooses to resist. And that’s how it happened in Mallorca that in the first real counter-attack he was able to put together, he found a foul on the right side of his attack that ended up being worth gold.

Lee Kang In’s cross at the far post and Muriqi, who had struggled unsuccessfully with Rüdiger and Miltiao all previous minutes to earn a long ball, found a perfect ally in Mendy. He won the position easily and opened the scoring in the 35th minute.

Something that strengthened the plan of the team coached by Mexican Javier Aguirre, but their advantage only lasted 12 minutes, until Fede Valverde once again showed that he still has one more speed than the others.

Vinicius being the only footballer who, before the goal, provoked reactions of joy from the Madrid fans, pointing out a beak he threw at Lee Kang In in three quarters of the field and with his continuous attempts to overflow, it had to being Valverde, with less flashy but equally cheeky football, the one who leveled the score.

The Uruguayan received the ball about 10 yards from Real Madrid’s penalty area, started straight at the opposition’s goal and when he reached the edge, he put the ball into the left corner of Rajkovic’s goal. He left five rivals along the way, as if in youth football and playing in a lower category to which he belongs, to sign what will be one of the goals of the season just before the break.

However, the game followed the same script in the second half. After 15 minutes, Ancelotti turned to Luka Modric to rub the lamp, suppressing a gray Eden Hazard who might have let another train slip away to gain minutes, and slotted Alaba down the left side after pulling off Mendy.

The solution was already on the lawn. Vinicius went from ‘oops’ on goal in the 72nd minute in another action in which a drive broke the monotony of possession. Rodrygo headed for the Mallorca goal enduring tackles and a clash from a rival to hand the ball to his compatriot, who left another action that shows, if necessary, that he has the break at the inside the area that places him in the football elite.

Left-footed control to save Valjent’s defense and left-footed dive to overcome the visitor keeper’s exit. Fifth game in a row scored and, with injured Karim Benzema, the undisputed leader of the Madrid attack.

And also leader of the emotions of the white supporters. With the game 2-1 and under control in the last minutes, the Brazilian was the protagonist of his football, which drove Maffeo and Valjent to despair in two sets of helplessness, a feeling that increased with Final 3 -1.

Rodrygo, the key man at 2-1, also wanted to be the main protagonist with a goal. And he did. He drove, slipped between two defenders in the box, suffered a grab, cut to leave the central defender sitting and crossed the ball to condemn a game in which the German Antonio Rüdiger had time to make his debut as a goalscorer for Real Madrid in a game on the ball saved in the last minute of added time.

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