Reasons for the American victory over Necaxa

Reasons for the American victory over Necaxa

We present the reasons for America’s victory over Necaxa, which meant a new mark for the club

The America won a historic victory against Necaxa, defeating them by a score of 2-1 and thus reaching nine consecutive victoriesthus managing to break the record for the most consecutive victories the team has achieved in more than a century of history.

With a America who came from behind and won tonight, on ESPN we present to you the reasons for the victory.

alternate team

The good sequence that lives America led coach Fernando Ortiz to set up an alternate team and rest five starters. Even though the bet seemed risky, the team knew how to turn the situation around and responded to get 2-1.

Jonathan’s first goal

After 22 engagements with the blue-cream jersey, Jonathan dos Santos scored his first goal with the team, which served to level the scoreboard and give hope to a America which grew more and more in the field.

Tears at the end of the match and devotion to his father Zizinho came as a relief from a player singled out for his low level with the club shirt.

Fidalgo has changed the game

Spanish is one of the pillars of this America. He was a substitute tonight, but as soon as he came on and touched the ball, the feathered team had a different face.

He assisted Jonathan in goal and played a key role in the return by making sense of the ball and providing clarity in midfield.

Reaction capacity

The America They had a gray first half, but they came out in the second half with a token change and started to get back to their best form. All of this has led the team to regain leadership of the Apertura 2022.

The changes looked good and the proof was the disallowed goal they had in the second half.

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