Reasons to follow tennis in the home stretch of the 2022 season

Reasons to follow tennis in the home stretch of the 2022 season

There is no possible rest for the good tennis fan, at least in the months to come. Sometimes we tend to disconnect from everyday life ATP circuit once the Grand Slam season is over, but in 2022, that would be a big mistake given the huge incentives that all fans of the sport will have in the coming weeks, until the end of November. The realization by Carlos Alcaraz legendary goals gives one more interest to see how the young man from Murcia develops his career in the near future, the return of a legend like Roger Federer, and specific appointments of maximum interest, which will make the king of racket sport the main center of media and sporting attention. These are the reasons to follow men’s tennis very closely in the coming months.

1. How Carlos Alcaraz will take on his new role and the fight for world number 1

The most difficult thing is not to arrive, but to stay, and now it’s up to the Murcian to show that he is made of a dough different from any other human being. And it is that to achieve his exploits with only 19 years is unheard of, but if he was able to maintain the highest level and make a remarkable season finale, his figure would reach a higher status. As a common thread at the motivational level, the Murcian has the challenge of finishing the year at the top of the ATP Race, thus becoming the 18th man to do so. We can see him threatened by Nadal, Ruud and Tsitsipas.

2. Curiosity to see the Big 3 reunited in the 2022 Laver Cup

There are serious doubts about Roger’s ability to compete and a possible absence would make the tournament less appealing. There is also no good news on whether Nadal maintains his commitment to the event given his personal situation, but there is no choice but to be optimistic and trust. to the official news that is broadcast at the moment, which is none other than the call. for Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and also Murray, for Team Europe. If this becomes reality, the world of tennis will experience a magical weekend.

3. Roger Federer’s return to competition?

Unfortunately, question marks are mandatory in this case as the disturbing news from Switzerland has generated a layer of uncertainty and fear. It is still hoped that at the ATP 500 Basel 2022, which takes place from October 24 to 30, we can see the Swiss maestro compete, which would attract a lot of media attention.

4. Novak Djokovic’s return to competition

The Serb has been off track for too long and there is a great desire to see him compete again. This will take place on a high-profile stage like the 2022 Laver Cup, before heading to Tel Aviv. There will be two interesting contact shots to measure the physical, tennis and emotional state of a player who must ensure his presence at the Nitto ATP Finals 2022, the great competitive challenge that awaits him.

5. Rafael Nadal and a new stage in his career

If all goes well, Rafa will be a dad in a few weeks and he will then have to define his tennis calendar. He has the chance to end the year as world number 1, as well as the challenge of winning Paris-Bercy and the ATP finals, two of the big tournaments that have eluded him.

6. The evolution of Dominic Thiem in his recovery process

It would be wrong to completely forget the Austrian, a player who has given a lot to this sport and who perseveres in his attempt to become again what he was. You can have good opportunities to experience progress in this part of the season, so you will have to be very attentive to its development.

7. Chance to see a new Masters 1000 champion

In a scenario as open as the one prevailing in men’s tennis at the moment, it would not be surprising if the French capital saw a new champion in this category of tournaments. There is no shortage of candidates, including tennis players like Sinner, Berrettini, Rublev, Tiafoe, Kyrgios, Aliassime, Shapovalov or Davidovich. All have the potential to achieve this and the interior conditions can be perfectly matched to their style. Moreover, in this last part of the year, surprises tend to proliferate.

8. The battle for a ticket to Turin

Only four players are assured of their presence in the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals, like Nadal, Alcaraz, Ruud and Tsitsipas, while Novak Djokovic is practically ranked, because it is worth finishing among the top 20 of the year, having a Grand Slam to his credit. Daniil Medvedev is in the best position to secure another of the remaining tickets, but an uphill battle lies ahead between the likes of Rublev, Aliassime, Hurkacz, Fritz, Norrie, Carreño, Berrettini or Sinner, with a big draw now.

9. Meet the best at the 2022 Nitto ATP Finals

Once the eight players who will face off in Turin have been established, it will be time to enjoy the spectacle that this event always entails. From November 13-20, it is expected that there will be strong emotions on the way to determine if Nadal and Djokovic maintain their preponderance or if one of the youngsters, among whom Alcaraz stands out, is able to give a effect hit.

10. 2022 Davis Cup Final Resolution

While it is true that there are significant losses in the qualifying phase, once the countries that will fight for the title in Malaga, from November 23 to 27, are defined, the best players in the world will come to represent their countries and obtain glory through the nations. Spain and Russia were the first winners of the revamped format and it’s time to determine if either of them repeats the crown or if we have a different third champion.

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