“Red Bull is on another planet”

“Red Bull is on another planet”

In Ferrari Red Bull’s pace at Spa-Francorchamps remains unexplained. While Verstappen I was already the real race leader on lap 18, Charles Leclerc could only be sixth on the Belgian track (fifth if he had not received the penalty). The Monegasque was very surprised by the performance of the Austrian team. “I’m not happy. But it’s the pace, inside the car Carlos and I are fine, but then you see the pace that Red Bull has and it looks like they’re on another planet, “ said the Monegasque after the race.

Leclerc, who lost second place in the championship and He is already 98 points behind Max Verstappen (Ferrari has 186 points to the Dutchman’s 284) he’s mostly puzzled by the difference the World Cup leader made on Saturday, where He was six tenths faster than teammate Carlos Sainz, and without making a second attempt: “I’m very surprised, especially in qualifying. But also in the race. Given our difference with the middle zone, we are more or less as always throughout this season, they are the ones who are going much faster now”.

Despite the monumental difference in pace between Ferrari and Red Bull, in Maranello they believe it was the result of the characteristics of the circuit: “We need to understand why this has been the case and hopefully at Zandvoort we will be closer to Red Bull, as we were earlier this season.”


The Monegasque entered the “pit lane” to achieve the fastest lap, but exceeded the speed limit.Dan MulanGetty

The to tear out the Verstappen

In the first lap of the race, the Monegasque had managed to return to ninth position when and to tear out of Max Verstappen stuck in the brakes, causing them to overheat. Leclerc had to enter boxes to be removed, but it had already caused damage: burnt out a sensor that caused the Ferrari to overspeed in the the escape route when he stopped to try to do the fastest lap, as the pilot himself explained in the networks. Not only did he not get it, but he picked up a five-second penalty that dropped him to sixth position in favor of Fernando Alonso.

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