Red Bull strategist insulted after Dutch GP; AlphaTauri condemns the facts

Red Bull strategist insulted after Dutch GP; AlphaTauri condemns the facts

The Dutch Grand Prix had local Max Verstappen as the winner, but one of the controversies of the race was what happened in the latter part of the event, since Red Bull’s chief strategy officer, Hannah Schmitzthey pointed out that she hatched a plan that Alpha Tauri pilot Yuki Tsunoda would have participated in.

The Japanese pilot stopped twice in the Circuit Zandvoort. The first one was in the pits due to a problem with the tires and later on the track he stopped because his car wouldn’t have looked good, so they applied the safety car.

These incidents were used by Max Verstappen to overtake Lewis Hamilton and head for victory. The situation did not go unnoticed by people and they started to criticize the strategist of Czech Perez for supposedly doing a “dirty” act to beat Mercedes.

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Following these comments, AlphaTauri issued a statement to end speculation of an alleged conspiracy between RedBull and its “sister” team and lamented the hatred that has been generated towards Schmitz.

“It is incredibly disheartening to read the words and comments directed at our team and the Chief Strategy Officer of Red BullHannah Schmitz. Such hateful behavior cannot be tolerated, and accusations of foul play are unacceptable, false, and completely disrespectful to Hannah and us,” the statement read.

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