Red phone? Medvedev’s disappointment

Red phone? Medvedev’s disappointment

The expectations one has are always determined by the abilities one exercises. That is to say, it is not enough to assume that one possesses these aptitudes, but to demonstrate that these qualities are exercised through practical activities. For this reason we can say that Daniel Medvedevalthough he is world number 1 this season and has won a title (Los Cabos), he is not living the year he would have dreamed of at the end of 2021.

Of course, a bad star year is an excellent exercise for any mortal, for any young or old tennis player. However, the bar for the Russian is set as high as possible as he has to perform almost perfectly in every game he plays. There is only in his hands whether to stay at this level or continue to drop, which would make us talk less about his figure.

We flew to…Australia

There are many turns throughout a season. Reviewing the year of Medvedev, we see that there have been three painful defeats in this 2022. The first of these was the historic final in Australia against Raphael Nadala game that seemed to have won against one of his pet peeves.

A demanding last round for a Daniil who saw how the possibility of getting his second straight big faded. Although, and as far as possible, the Muscovite started the year with a result within the norm. However, and from this date which will be entered in your diary, what followed did not improve this departure more than acceptable.

Suffering from a back injury which did not allow him to improve his performance on clay, a surface he hates, the lanky player suffered severe defeats where he did not seem to enjoy his tennis. And we already know what happens when that happens.

We don’t fly to London

With the war in full swing, Medvedev was unable to compete on the grass at Wimbledon, waiting for her to return and trying to maintain a top position that saw her increasingly lost due to the points she had to defend. Clearly losing in Halle and Hertogenbosch, Medvedev came back strong, winning the ATP in Los Cabos, a place where he once again felt comfortable, making it clear that he was going to do it all in the following high profile events.

In Canada and Cincinnati, the former number 1 fell without having options to lift the title, reaching the US Open 2022 without being the favorite and, above all, knowing that this could be the tournament where he would cease to be. the best player of the moment. And so it was, Nick Kyrgios would show no mercy and beat him again weeks after doing it in Montreal.

Yesterday, giving an unfortunate spectacle, he fell to Stanislas Wawrinka at the ATP in Metz. Without the ability to turn the tide and temper his nerves, his character played a trick on him and showed he had to be able to handle the pressure that weighed on him throughout the year.

Champion wood has, but, so that it does not spoil, said material must be sanded and polished. Recalling a phrase from the film that serves as the title and seeing Medvedev’s attitude towards the French public, one should say to him: “You can’t fight here, it’s a war office”.

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