Report: Buccaneers to rest Tom Brady every Wednesday in 2022 season

Report: Buccaneers to rest Tom Brady every Wednesday in 2022 season

At 45, Tom Brady remains one of the most important quarterbacks in the league. However, his age is starting to take its toll and the Buccaneers will do whatever it takes to keep the quarterback at his best.

According to information from Ian Rapoport, of NFL Network, Tampa Bay will rest Brady every Wednesday during the regular season. The 23-year-old veteran has already had a break ahead of the Week 2 game against the Saints.

Report adds that in 2020 and 2021, his first two seasons with the Buccaneers, the Michigan product received a few breaks on Thursdays respective regular seasons.

After the Week 1 victory over the Cowboys, BRady admitted he felt worse than usual. Later, he became more comfortable with his body. “I feel good today,” he told a news conference.

It should be remembered that during training camp Brady was absent 10 days during personal reasons. The Buccaneers did not disclose the reason for the QB’s disbandment.

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Regarding Brady’s breaks Todd Bowles indicated that several veterans will have the same opportunity. Note that the Tampa Bay coach did not specify which players will receive the same treatment.

“For all the players, it’s important. But I think When you play in the league for a while and prepare in a certain way, you don’t have to train all the time.”, development. “They will train, but they won’t do it all the time. They will have days off from time to time because it is a long campaign.

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