Respiratory diseases in dogs that cause problems

Respiratory diseases in dogs that cause problems

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – People don’t just cough, sneeze and have a runny nose.

Concerns about the flu and other upper respiratory illnesses are now affecting dogs across the Charlotte region and are causing some doggie daycares to temporarily close.

Long Animal Hospital in Charlotte said the disease has been around for at least a month, but visits for treatment have increased in the past few weeks.

“This is like nothing we’ve ever seen,” said Anita Williams, owner of Dogs All Day. “We have sent for 14 years and once, maybe twice a year, something will pass through the population. We’ll have a few dog owners call us and say, ‘So-and-so has a cough.'”

The situation is worse than what many have seen in recent years. Long Animal Hospital says the last time the disease was widespread was about five years ago, but at the time it wasn’t a big problem in Charlotte.

“Whatever’s going on right now is highly contagious, so it spreads wherever there’s a large group of dogs together, like when your kid goes to daycare and someone comes in and has the virus, and then it’s going to spread to everyone who’s there,” she said. is dr. Frances Deller of Long Animal Hospital. “The same thing happens with dogs and things like that.”

Veterinarians said that although pet owners call it kennel cough, it’s actually ‘K-9 Contagious Respiratory Disease Complex’, which is a combination of viruses that dogs can pick up at the same time.

“She wasn’t feeling well, she kept us up for a few nights, so it kept me up for a couple of nights, and my roommates had to deal with it, just a bummer that I can’t get her on board, but I’m glad she’s doing ok, ” said Caroline, the dog’s owner.

She said her dog had been sick for almost three weeks, which confirmed what the vets were saying. During this time the dog is still considered contagious.

“We see nasal discharge, we also see reverse sneezing, where it sounds like your dog is sucking air, it can sound like they’re having a little trouble breathing,” Dr. Deller said.

Vets are telling pet owners to vaccinate their dogs and to keep them away from large groups of dogs.

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