Ricciardo will not continue at McLaren in F1 2023

Ricciardo will not continue at McLaren in F1 2023

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Following the Aussie’s struggles to catch up with team-mate Lando Norris during the two years they were together, McLaren started a process several weeks ago to agree on a separation with Ricardo.

Hoping to sign Oscar Piastri, who is currently an Alpine reserve, by 2023, McLaren have started talks with Ricciardo over terminating his current contract to open a gap for the young driver.

Those talks ended with the agreement between McLaren F1 and Daniel Ricciardo, which will end their relationship at the end of 2022. The news was announced by the driver and team on Wednesday, ahead of this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix . .

And now?:

Ricciardo signed for McLaren in 2021, signing a three-year contract in which the former McLaren driver Red Bull and Renault he had the final say on whether or not he wanted to come last. Until recently, he said he was fully determined, despite the frustration, to get back to his best.

But with McLaren wanting a change and things not having improved as much as expected in the team, both sides eventually agreed there was no point moving forward. Motorsport.com has learned that Ricciardo will be paid in full on his 2023 contract but is also free to race for another team.

Although the Australian won the Italian Grand Prix last year, followed by Lando Norris, his time at McLaren was one of deep frustration as he struggled to adapt to the characteristics of the car.

Although there have been signs of progress at times, Ricciardo’s recent failure to capitalize on the momentum he seemed to have regained after the Monaco Grand Prix has again raised alarm bells that he may never make the breakthrough necessary to match its British partner.

McLaren’s decision was prompted by Ricciardo not contributing as many points as expected to help their fight for fourth in the Constructors’ Championship against Alpine.

While Norris has scored 76 points so far this year, including a podium at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Ricciardo has added just 19. His best result was sixth in his home race at the Australian GP.

McLaren are currently four points behind the Alpines in the fight for fourth place in the constructors’ championship, with each position worth several million euros in prize money.

Ricciardo will finish the 2022 season with McLaren and is now free to pursue other options, one of which could be a return to the Alpine team, which could be left without a second driver if Piastri does the reverse and heads to Woking .

The agreement between Ricciardo and McLaren to go their separate ways comes despite the team still being unsure of winning the Piastri Oscar.

While the team and driver believe they have a firm contract for next year, Alpine also believe they have an agreement for the young Australian to race for them.

The question is subject to the decision of the F1 Contract Recognition Commissionand a decision may not be made for several weeks.

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