Roger Federer: He leaves as an example, he arrived as Niato

Roger Federer: He leaves as an example, he arrived as Niato

Roger Federer It’s okay. It fitsand applause and congratulations. He leaves between thanks and praise. As a model of a gentleman, perhaps the last gentleman in men’s tennis, who is not hard to imagine in long white flannel trousers and a cloth cap, ordering a cup of tea with plenty of sugar in a change of sides in Wimbledon. Roger was certainly that. He reigned in the Cathedral, he made the stolen Australian teachers and Pete sampras. imposed his towers one hand after Borg there Agassi turn the racket into a bat. It took a Nadal so that the beaten earth would not add to the empire that was being built on the rest of the surfaces. To Federer, what Gómez de la Serna said about the shoulder after the goodbye, it doesn’t matter how badly it was done, because Roger did it very well and repeatedly put himself on his shoulders before what would be his goodbye.

What is the meaning of Roger Federer for tennis? “Alone” to be the first of big three who dominated the first two decades and what we have been in the third of the 21st century, and the first to say goodbye to tennis? The range of his miniature is reduced to his world numbers 1, his Wimbledonhas his U.S. Openhas his Open Australiato his Roland Garroshas his masteryhas his Masters 1.000to their titles ATPto his Davis Cupto their gold and silver Olympic Games…? Well, that will be what we will remember, mainly, from him, added to that elegance we talked about, to have transferred to the 21st century this ballet that fell in love with the young Manolo santana when he saw him play for the first time, showing that tennis had a way of evolution other than aggression a point brutal by Connors and Agassi. But perhaps we should appreciate another point of his personality, perhaps the most controversialto more accurately assess your figure at the time of farewell.

Roger Federer: His “dark” years

Roger leaves like a king, an emperor or a pope, but it came as a on break. It’s not since in the training circuits –teenagers with rampant testosterone and the itch of approaching adulthood, which in his case is an always problematic leap from junior to senior – he was easily enraged and many of his trips with his parents back from tournaments were long car journeys in which nobody said a word. Arrived among the professionals, in his debut Roger, already junior champion of Wimbledon (1998) alternated in his appearances matches at his level, lethargy as if the party was not with him, a little Nick Kyrgiosa certain contempt for his rivals, rest in peace rackets and an iconoclastic aspect, crests, moos and manes.

Roger celebrated his 18th birthday, as well as the doubles title he had just won at the El Espinar Challenger, with a bottle next to the track (it was also modest: two boxes of Mahou). Tennis wondered if the immense talent it cherished would explode or end up being diluted as, a little later, was the case with Ernest Swan. Fortunately for Roger, at that time there were not so many cameras about tennis like now and like that over these years, there are more stories than images.

but roger evolution and it may be the big one education of his career and his great contribution to tennis: that it can be improved, that we can beat you. Roger found a way to to concentrate And be who you could be. More than the psychological work he also did is Peter Lundgren who, as a coach, managed to “convince” him that he could be Roger Federer, and based himself on a reality check on the circuit – much like he used to do. ‘Pato’ Alvarez with his students- with more respect for his effort only for his Talent.

And Roger is finished convincing, and it could have been Roger Federer whom we now prepare to bid farewell to thunderous applause and thank him for his career. As always in sport, he did not achieve this success, perhaps the greatest of his career, due to an infused science, drawing exclusively on talent and that is perhaps why this game, played for years against himselfwas the best of him.

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